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RE: dMania v0.5: dMania Now Has Videos - Deal With It

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I seriously have respect for real and proper web developers!

“For every uploaded video, a thumbnail/snapshot image of the first frame is generated. The thumbnail image will be visible on Steemit and will link to your video on dMania. “

For the rest of the people I’ll explain how this is important.

Mobile devices are by default unable to play, load or auto play videos in browsers/apps and that generated thumbnail is setting your mobile device to make sure to load video as image and release it on your click (load).
If this wasn’t done properly we would not be having fun of doing videos here!

Great work and fun!




what is better dtube or dmania ?

They are not to be compared.

DTube is blockchain version of real YouTube.

DMania is short length clips and movies for fun and gifs to be uploaded.

They are both

They are really two very different things. DTube is more like the YouTube of SteemIt, and DMania is like the 9GAG of Steem. Both brilliant ideas, but I think DMania is more fun. I also love the fact that you can get in on the rewards by delegating SP.

The STEEM ecosystem is getting more unstoppable every single day. With all these variety of front ends coming into existence out of the blue, not even a combination of Google and Facebook can stop the wind of change. #makesteemitgreatagain

To be honest, I'm still at loss for what kind of platform dMania is. I wish i could better understand, without having to go back and find a forum! :0 Thanks. I wish i had more knowledge on this topic.I'm super anxious to start coding.