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I KNOW how you feel!

You're sad, mad and a bit insecure. It's kay! OKAY!? Chill and listen... becouse this ain't over yet.

At this moment... we're at the capitulation stage.


You may think the picture above is a meme, BUT, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS:


Oof, now what... did you get scammed!? HELL NO! This is the best time to buy and get some inspiration from Charlie Lee.

But why?

Big daddy aka: Bitcoin decided to dominate the market and sadly when that's happening altcoins start to "bleed".

Bellow are some words of wisdom from me to help you cope with the current market situation.

What goes down... will eventually go up again!
Ugh?! (thinking emoji)
I think I was the other way around...

Anyway, calm down, take a break, invest some fiat if that's possible and stop refreshing at the charts compulsively every 10 seconds.

Edit: Oh yeah! I almost forgot the reality looks like this :

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I like the graph in the last picture so much. That is exactly what i have been repeating in years to all my posible audience

i liked the edit, anyone that has studied a little economics will se the resemblance it has with any GDP chart over an extended period of time..
except Venezuela's


except Venezuela's

And lately Turkey. Hope they'll figure it out... :(

Steem to the moon.
BTC HODLER we have to proof our strong hand in this bear market.

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Perfect Buying Opportunity :)

Ohh. Is it happening??
Some of my friends have hold on their crypto wel they ar waiting to be get hold on multiply thier asas income.
But it should keep up.

Bitcoin at a point in the summer was sitting at 3k worth last year. Then this summer 6 to 7k seemed the average for what I saw. Looking at how insanely it skyrocketed in December at 19k,if it continues the same trend as doubling I'm superer excited. Even if it doesn't double it should still skyrocket at that time.


That's exactly what I'm trying to point out and the main reason I'm not scared.

This is how coinmarketcap was looking on 13 August 2017:

My parents used to tell me:

Great things comes to the ones who wait. <3

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