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RE: What Is YOUR Vision For Steem?

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"Steemit is the next evolution of social networks where participants are rewarded for sharing their ideas, experiences, and knowledge, instead of a company running the site."

Everything else is infrastructure, buzzwords, and aspects that everyday person probably should not care about (ex. blockchain, distributed network, cryptocurrency, etc.) and need not be part of the narrative.

Simply put, Steemit is a social network and we must focus on what makes a great social experience. Usability (interface, features, reliability, performance), reward (visibility, connectivity, financial incentives), and growth of new users (value of a social network is the square of the number of users).


Love your choice of wording here, very intune with marketing to outside users, with focus on the social aspects. Great insight, thank you!

steemit? I thought the question was about steem?

Steem vs Steemit, another reason we desperately need PR and marketing 😉

I think for many people, the social aspects of (or other front ends) are all they use. So having a vision that can somehow attract those users plus those who want to build on top of the Steem blockchain etc are key.

We will get there eventually 🙂

lol, "a great social experience" you never run into that one guy, who is living on this blockchain.

I totally agree with you! Steemit should has to focus on the social experience as Axie Infinity is a focusing on providing a nice game experience first. It just happened to be built with the blockchain but that's not the main point ;)

I totally agree. Crypto , blockchain and all that jazz should be kept out of it as the majority of people are sceptical around invisible money, ICO's etc. If it was marketed as a social media and not a blockchain we would be flying it.

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