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Manhattan is crazy enough as it is. But what happens when you block 5 of the 6 lanes on a major road with a giant crane?

A crazy mess! The cost for the operation this crane was doing must be astronomical. The only thing I could see it doing is bringing in a heavy duty roof level mechanical equipment,
but the reality was that I didn't see the crane operational so I wonder how many days this is going to go on for.

Quite frankly the traffic could be easily resolved with good traffic Cops, but the city refuses to have a plan for these things and let's the streets run amuck.

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I worked with that sort of equipment a lot. The cost per minute is enormous anyplace, but I imagine in Manhattan it is over the moon. There will probably be at least 50 people 'on the clock' to support one crane. I'll bet I could live the rest of my days on the cost of the permit for that project.

I was a mechanic. You want to see crazy people? Have a mechanical problem on a project like that. You can have 20 people screaming at you all at once :)

50 people? I really hope its less then that. The support crew to operate that crane is a huge price tag. And if the crane isnt scheduled in properly, there's money literally flying out the door!

Woo... That's a huge block for Manhattan

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