How's it Hangin?

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Remember times when we all used to say When moon, When Lambo? Ah good old days, but shiiieeet those times are long gone. Bitcoin traders aka Wall Street likes to short this asset with impunity and thus reducing it's growth rate and the growth of the whole altcoin ecosystem.

Remember when we used to say CME futures will be good for the price of Bitcoin? Include those fuckers into a brand new money movement and this is what you get. A squeeze of unimaginable proportions. Shorting this technology is just like shorting the internet, or electricity, you might end up with short profits but you will be remembered as an asshole who slowed down the revolution.

In Steem terms we are now, at least we were few days ago under 10 cents for 1 Steem (once again) that used to be worth 8$. It is easy to say that investing in Steem or any other altcoin was an ultra risky move, many of us were wrong about the prediction that Steem will never go under 1$. Boy were we wrong, a 10x wrong.

However, if you ever thought this place has a future 15 cent Steem and under is an opportunity of a lifetime (once again). I'm certainly buying, I powered up 500 Steem more. Blood on the streets, hell yeah, I'll buy.

I'll buy because we still have one of the best crypto communities in all of crypto (some assholes are still here though), we still have the best blockchain game called Splinterlands, we have more curation if you want to be a content creator, we have more power ups, we have more usable apps than any other crypto. Soon the communities will be live, soon SMTs will be live. Frankly if we go down more, bring it, I'll buy more. It all depends on BTC in short term, it's all bullshit I know, but that's how this system is rigged.


That's exactly what its like growing up in Australia.

My new favorite bands, Skegss and Dune Rats :)

Odjednom ne izgleda sve lose. haha

Misliš ovaj kratki skok? To istroši gorivo za dan dva, BTC padne i game over opet. A možda i ne :)

Ma znam. Samo se rugam sa tim malo. haha

Ne valja se ponadati. Al neloš skok, ovakvo nešto se nije vidilo dosta dugo. Zamisli da Steem zapocne prvi sa altcoin bull runom.. haha

Time to buy rocket fuel to get to moon. Then we barrel roll off moon with our Lambos towards Mars.

And after we reach Mars we take brand new electric space ship Lambos to the moons of Jupiter.

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Markets like these create a lot of opportunity. It’s always interesting how now is the time to set yourself up for future successes. The streets might be bloody but at these prices it’s quite a deal.

Nasty people will always be around. They always seem to blind themselves with rage to the point they cost themselves of having an actual wonderful future. Sucks for them but they are also a dime a dozen! They will get lost and forgotten about as everyone else moves forward and progresses while they just watch in angry.

Cheers to Steem kicking some butt these past few days. May the bears run off and get lost so the bulls can take over soon!

I hate the fact that we are very much at gunpoint of BTC. No matter what we do, good or bad, the price always goes down until BTC price reaches new highs. It is a long game though and only the patient ones will succeed I think.

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