Cambridge Meetup - Sunday 15th September 1:00 PM

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Hi folks, it has been a long time since the last steem meet up in Cambridge.

On that day I met the legend that is @starkerz while he was on his massive tour of the UK universities promoting steem and we had a blast talking to people all over town.

Bring your camera to take loads of photos of possibly the most beautiful city in England.

@starkerz, @molometer and two friendly locals

A lot has happened in the last two years and we find ourselves in a very interesting position on #newsteem.
Hard forks 21 & 22 went fairly smoothly and the trending page is looking a lot more healthy with mostly organic and quite frankly interesting content rising to the top.

If this new paradigm shift takes hold we have a great chance of attracting a lot of eyeballs.

While the bear market is destroying many crypto projects all around us.
Steem development is accelerating and pushing us all forward into new and diverse business opportunities and specific communities.

This community is very dynamic considering we are so small. Maybe that is the key to our success? People actually talk to each other to work out issues... Well mostly!

Cambridge Meet up time and date

Sunday 15th September 1:00 PM

Location: The Flying Pig near the Botanical gardens is just a short walk from the railway station. [//]:# (!steemitworldmap 52.194475 lat 0.131761 long Flying pig Cambridge uk d3scr)

Take a punt

Many thanks to @pennsif for putting this updated list together below of active UK steemians.

I have had contacts from a number of steemians who would like to attend the meet up. Don't forget to join us on steemclub-uk

Active Steemians in England @ 25 August 2019 [111 + 4 expats]
London & the South East (39)

@adetorrent, @atomcollector, @basilmarples, @bleepcoin, @breadcentric, @chris-the-batman, @cryptogee, @donatello, @dronegraphica, @earthkind, @ezzy, @gillianpearce, @hockney, @hopehuggs, @justyy, @kabir88, @lloyddavis, @maneco64, @markangeltrueman, @mentalhealthguru, @molometer, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @nickyhavey, @pjau, @rea, @redrica, @rod.crisafulli, @scalextrix, @sergiomendes, @simonjay, @slayerkm, @stav, @steevc, @stimp1024, @teodora, @ultravioletmag, @veritanuda, @winkandwoo
The Midlands (16)

@abh12345, @article61, @cryptofunk, @dickturpin, @howardblott, @knightswood, @martaesperanza, @maxrwolfe, @neopch, @opheliafu, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @skaarl, @starkerz, @ura-soul
The South West (4)

@jimbobbill, @perceptualflaws, @sunsethunter, @ukbitcoinmaster
The North (24)

@anarcotech, @artonmysleeve, @ashtv, @bingbabe, @calluna, @c0ff33a, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @ebookwriter, @father2b, @gaby-crb, @goblinknackers, @lastravage, @mckeever, @mikefromtheuk, @pcste, @radicalpears, @raj808, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @stephenkendal, @stevenwood, @teamhumble, @vibeof100monkeys
Scotland (8)

@barge, @camuel, @epicdave, @fiftysixnorth, @johnkingwriter, @meesterboom, @natubat, @screwballpsyche
Wales (13)

@cryptocariad, @elizabethharvey, @louisthomas, @pennsif, @pumpkinsandcats, @stevejhuggett, @stevelivingston, @theadmiral0, @theceltictraders, @theturtleproject, @timothyallen, @wales, @welshstacker
Northern Ireland (1)

Somewhere in the UK... (6)

@britcoin, @jonathanyoung, @raymondspeaks, @surviveuk, @tremendospercy, @ukprepper
Expats (4)

@cryptoandcoffee (South Africa), @livinguktaiwan (Taiwan), @minismallholding (Australia), @seanreilly (Russia)

@Starkerz and @molometer discuss tactics before hitting the streets. I must say that I learned a lot from Starkerz that day.

Come along and meet some real steemians in the flesh. They are always so much more than you see on their blogs.

I have met plenty and have always come away knowing far more than I knew before.

As they say. Two brains are better than one and we have many hundreds of very smart people on steem. #steemon


This is a good idea and on a direct train route, too. I've put it in my diary :)

Brilliant it will be great to see you again. It's been quite a while lol

Cambridge is a stunning city so bring a camera or two. 👍😀

I will be abroad at that time unfortunately! Would be great to catch u. But the other steemians there will more than make up for my absence

Have a good trip, we need to have a chat about a business that may be of interest to us when you have a spare minute. They could use steem to reward their clients etc and it would be 'free ish' marketing for them. Might be worth a meetup soon.

Cheers for the heads up @molometer.
Looks like it will be a great meet-up but sadly Cambridge is a bit far for me to travel there and back in one day.

Have an excellent time when it happens; I look forward to seeing the write up :)

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Sorry to hear that you cannot make it @ashtv would have been great to get together. Next time maybe?

@molometer yeah I’d be up for something for sure! It’s jut Cambridge is a bit far out for me to justify travelling to from Huddersfield, at the moment. The furthest away I could travel to-and-from in a day was Leicester. Can’t really do over night stops - I can’t justify it to my family haha

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Hmmmm. Isn't September 14th a Saturday not a Sunday @molometer? 😊

Dooh! Thanks Gillian. Steve has a gig on the 14th and I got it mixed up? Fixed it now.

This post has been selected for today's Best of British - five posts of the day from UK Steemians.

Wow thanks @steemclub-uk including my post in the Best of British is most appreciated

They should give you a medal for promoting Steem to the masses. Good job! Well done! 😊

Thank you buddy, it's always a great pleasure to meet up with fellow steemians. The conversations are always fascinating and illuminating. 👍😀

Cambridge is a bit too far South for me for a one off, it’s a lovely place to visit though it would be good for a long weekend some time - I’ll maybe work on that idea for the next time there is a meet up.

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Not to worry @c0ff33a there will be other times for sure. How about having one up your way?

Rayos! I love Cambridge buildings; That encounter with @starkerz seems to be quite informative, it is a shame that I did not understand even potatoes lol

I still remember the meetup for which I came to Steemit, I really appreciate it, so it's good to see that you were part of one. Cool! steem on @molometer!

Hiya @elisonr13 haha sorry about the language challenge but it's all good. Cambridge is a beautiful city. How did your first steem meetup go? Obviously you liked what you saw. :-)

well ... I was in college at the time, when I heard about steemit, and for me that was a golden opportunity. I tell you that ... I finished paying for my career thanks to steemit, in large part, just to mention that and not the rest.

That is why I appreciate Steemit so much and I am a faithful fish, I am gentle with those who are gentle and I am always grateful :)

I'm glad to see that steemit reaches other corners :)) Behind every steemian there can be a great story.

Rayos! I love Cambridge buildings; That encounter with @starkerz seems to be quite informative, it is a shame that I did not understand even potatoes lol

I still remember the meetup for which I came to Steemit, I really appreciate it, so it's good to see that you were part of one. Cool! steem on @molometer!

hey just seen this! I might be able to make it if I can get myself in order!

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