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RE: Cambridge Meetup - Sunday 15th September 1:00 PM

in #steem2 years ago

Rayos! I love Cambridge buildings; That encounter with @starkerz seems to be quite informative, it is a shame that I did not understand even potatoes lol

I still remember the meetup for which I came to Steemit, I really appreciate it, so it's good to see that you were part of one. Cool! steem on @molometer!


Hiya @elisonr13 haha sorry about the language challenge but it's all good. Cambridge is a beautiful city. How did your first steem meetup go? Obviously you liked what you saw. :-)

well ... I was in college at the time, when I heard about steemit, and for me that was a golden opportunity. I tell you that ... I finished paying for my career thanks to steemit, in large part, just to mention that and not the rest.

That is why I appreciate Steemit so much and I am a faithful fish, I am gentle with those who are gentle and I am always grateful :)

I'm glad to see that steemit reaches other corners :)) Behind every steemian there can be a great story.

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