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Watching the bear thrive those last 14 months, caused mixed feelings to investors. 14 whole months of a ruthless downtrend...Most of the coins lost almost 90% of their value.

And while there is that saying: "when there is blood on the streets, you should keep buying...even if it's your own blood" many were discouraged, others made panic sells...but there is one more group of people that kept buying and buying and buying...week after week.

For me this bear market was a blessing. I wouldn't be able to build my account otherwise...

From that very moment steem hit 0.60$ there hasn't been a single week where I didn't purchase some steem. All the way down to 0.25$. Some will say that this was the absolute wrong decision. Let them say...

What I know for sure is that steem is being traded at 12000 satoshis right now on Binance. 11830 to be precise...which is 0.456$ while the majority of the crypto are getting hammered once again. This is a great sign. It could well be because of the twitter campaign or for any random reason.

I wish I could see their faces when things turn around. And they will...

I am a huge believer of steem blockchain and the potential it has.

I hear some crazy predictions as to how high the price of steem might go some day...100$...200$..
I don't really know if there will be a time where mass adoption will drive price up there.

But if if does...then almost everyone I interact on this platform on daily basis...will be a future millionaire.

At times I can't even imagine myself being in that position

Only time will tell...


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..."μπάλα" είναι και γυρίζει φίλε μου !!! Ποτέ δεν ξέρεις τι θα συμβεί τελικά... Υπομονή και επιμονή χρειάζεται και η δικαίωση δεν θα αργήσει...! Ελπίζω να ξεπερνάς το πρόβλημα που είχες την προηγουμενη εβδομαδα !!!Να είσαι πάντα καλά !!!

Leege re

All we are doing really is staking some money now for the future. You cannot see buying at .30$ and have it dip to $.25 as a loss. I know you don’t but some people do. Catching the absolute bottom might be imperative if one was planning a big buy and counting on short term gain.

For us who think that this is a ship that will stay floating when the seas rise, we can stack it all at the cheapest moments possible and use that stake to help the others in the community in the meantime with more valuable upvotes.

Stack em and have fun while we are doing it!!

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That's the plan. All we need now are the people and prices will keep rising. I'm guessing we will see a lot more activity the next time STEEM rises past $1 again. A lot will come flocking back but the real winners will be the ones here now who have bought and earned when prices were low.

Hell yeh it is! Its great that we only get now rewards in sp and sbd, that makes people buy the Steem!

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It's an amazing thing to witness and it's incredible to dream about our futures a little as well... I'm so excited and can't wait to see where we're going <3

Yes. A really great news and i hope it comtinues rising and rising. Who knows, it can hit 1$ before the end of next week

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