Does any of you buy STEEM? Well...I do.

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I know that some reports suggest that we are almost 60K daily active users around...

To be honest with you all...I highly doubt it. For me, an active user is the one that reads others' blogs, casts upvotes, drops comments...

I even include among the active users all those who love to chill in discord channels and discuss while listening to some music.

But definitely not those who have set others on auto-votes and are long gone while they "appear" to be active.

Don't get me wrong here. There is nothing bad or wrong with autovotes . Quite the opposite I would say. Nobody is able to spend their whole day in the platform just in case he misses a post or two...

I think you can easily spot the difference...right?

So I had a discussion in one of those discord channels yesterday, with an active user regarding the whole thing with the delegations that were pulled away by Steemit.Inc...the full powerdown they started and lots of other stuff.

The conclusion of that discussion was:

Even if Steemit and Ned decide to sell off...that's even more cheap steem for us all!

Steemit isn't steem. Period.

And while it might seem like utopia at times...I still feel that steem blockchain is very undervalued. Needless to write about its potential and advantages. You are all aware of them by now.

So how do you act, when you see that a product is undervalued, but you have so much faith in it...?

I buy more...

This is how I act. Those of you who have been engaging with me over the past year know how I feel about steem.

And if it wasn't for that bear market, I wouldn't have the opportunity to build my account the way I do now.

I like to see it as a second chance. A chance I didn't have while price was high during the previous bull run - yeah, that's when I joined this family -.

So a couple of hours back, I added 800 steem and instantly powered them up.

That's what those who have a vision and are here for the long run do.

And I will continue to do so every now and then as long as the price remains at such low levels.

Because when the bull wakes up, which it will, all of you who have invested your time, your money and energy and believed that steem will bring the so much needed revolution we've been dreaming of to the masses, you'll be glad you were around at those rough times and had the clarity to see what others couldn't!


ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

wow.How cool is that???

Thanks for being around...bernie??

I also go through the desert. It's very nice, too, but we all must not die. Everything turns green again. I can not buy right now, mindtrap : D

Yay you!!!

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I believe we will hit a new low before Steem takes off again. This uncertainty on what's going on with the platform and Stinc, the Steemit censoring etc, is going to bring it soon. As soon as most negative people have cashed out though, and Stinc sorts out their shit, we might see an increase.

Not financial advice :P

What most people fail to understand is that since there is no steem/usd pair, what determines steem’s price is Btc, so what really matters is BTC’s price and not steem’s...

Read this and you’ll understand how things work

Tip: Keep buying steem when BTC is dipping

Financial advice:)

Actually, it's a combination of two things: The USD/BTC pair and the BTC/STEEM pair -which was the one I was referring to. The second pair right now looks like this:

I understand that most people just take the USD value of a STEEM [(BTC per STEEM) times (USD per BTC)], which is wrong (I've done it too though). Use the BTC value, and when you are happy with your BTC earnings (if you are a trader of course), hodl and sell when the price is high enough for you

Chart Source:

Out of these 2 combinations the BTC/USD pair is what determines the price.
To give an example, steem is being traded at 7700 shat as we speak and is climbing in terms of btc/steem

If though for some reason BTC starts dropping and at the end of the day 1 btc= 2000$ then, no matter if steem climbed and is traded at 12K shat, steem’s price will be lower that it is now

I'm buying too. Comparing to ATH it's like 97% discount so it's a no brainer. This is not financial advice of course.

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I know you do my friend and it’s the right call if you ask me. When then new bull run starts it will make the previous one look like a dwarf. You’ll be glad then!

I am patiently waiting my payment and pray for lower Steem price until then.
Good move powering up my friend.

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I think we’re about to go lower, so you’ll have your chance!

This is definitely a good move. I don't have the fiat to invest, so am grinding it out by been active, posting daily and so on.

And that’s exactly what all of us should do.
Regardless of what anyone has invested

I think you did the correct decision...btw, there are some from those 60K users that still read your post ;-)
Steem on

I still think we are much less than 60K but anyway, I am glad that there are people around who still read. Most of us are busy to create...

What's ur plan with those Steem?

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