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RE: How should Steemit Inc decentralize their stake?

in #steem3 years ago

I would say definitely the burn solution would be the best thing to do. 50% I think would be great.
Then airdrop another 25% to Steem Power holders. These are the ones who really believe in Steem. And with this you get a good distribution as well of this other 25%.


I agree burn would be the ideal solution, but that will obviously see a lot of friction from the Steemit Inc management.

I get why they might not want to burn their Steem, but I believe that this will create a much bigger demand for Steem, ultimately leading to it rising a lot in price. I'm fairly confident that this will be a good financial solution for the long-term thinking. However, that's easy for me to say, and I might feel otherwise if it were my millions that were on the line.

Doing the right thing is not always comfortable. Burning them is the best for everyone.

I think after doing it the price could go up 5 times... So Steemit Inc. would be better off by doing it... although they might feel not comfortable because there is of course no guarantee that the price would triple at least...

Agreed, It would help keep the price of steem up and reward the loyal users. Also selling some to get more developers working on Condenser would be great investment.