Project Fi ... The Best Wireless Provider ... Ever?? Let's Discuss.

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Ok folks ...
I know ... I did it.
I broke the cardinal rule.



I would do it again.


But first!

my pitch.

Project Fi is Google's wireless service.

$20 /month gets you unlimited talk/text ... around the world.
Data is $10 /gb up to 6 and free afterwards.

they throttle after 10gb

I love their service and have been using it for years.

I travel a lot and enjoy that I can go anywhere and not worry.
Seamless integration with my Gmail is icing on the cake.

Sign Up Today... Get 50 Steem.


Google is running a promo for new sign ups. If you create an account you will receive a $20 service credit AND 50 Steem ... From me!

Comment in this thread confirming you have signed up. You must message me on Telegram @j00ze with your account details. Your account has to remain active for 30 days in order to be eligible. I will pay Steem after the 30 day period.

Claim Your Bounty!!

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The Discussion Shall Begin Now.

Rule #1: No Excessive trolling (unless necessary to make your point)
Rule #2: There are no bad comments ... only comments that get downvoted.
Rule #4: There are no rules.

Who Shall Claim The Bounty?

Is it ok to use bidbots to advertise products/services on Steem?

How can we prevent abuse of the system?

What is ok to advertise / What should be avoided?

How do we make advertising a healthy part of Steem?

Let's have a healthy discussion.
I added 15 Steem bounty to get things going.



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Happy 2019!



Many thanks


Thank you for your kind wish. I also wish you a Prosperous New Year 2019.


Wow Thank you for mentioning me on your winners bounty list.
Honestly I was not expecting anything but this is a very good sign of things to come in 2019 and beyond.

Thank you @steem-bounty and all the best for the coming year.

Hi @metama, thank you to share the info in this steem-bounty family, you are always welcome here...
This Google service work in China?
I have no very good experience with Google, maybe you as an expert you could help me on that:
Regarding your questions, i already discussed about the way to put advertise in Steemit:


happy to share :)
I've never been to china ... but I'm going to guess that it probably does.
I will take a look at your posts.


I looked it up ... they do cover China!


Dear @metama, so i Will follow your link, but It is possible to get this service as Company too?

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I think so ... but am not sure :)

Hey @metama! I think you are asking some great questions that need to be answered. Personally, I do not see a problem with advertising on the Steem blockchain, but if we don't talk about it as a community, I can see Steem become like the wild west where everything goes.

I just checked out the Steem FAQ about spam ( None of the points specifically states that advertising is spam, but I see a few points that people may use to argue that it might be spam.

Ultimately I think it is up to the Steem community to make these types of decisions. Even without a formal stance on adverstising, each account can downvote a post (for any reason), and we can upvote as well. There also is not a formal stance on bidbots, and as we have seen over the years, there is still a division among the community about this topic.

Personally, I do not always like what I see on the Steem blockchain (topics, behaviors, etc), but I would prefer to err on the side of letting individual freedom win out as long as it does not impose on the individual freedom of others.

So if you want to use a bid bot to advertise, then go for it. Just make sure that you are not infringing on someone else's legal rights and individual freedoms. If someone does not like it, then express concerns in the comment section or via downvotes/flags.

My biggest question is whether or not advertising will be a resource made available at the account level, or if the operators of the different Steem frontends will plaster advertisements on their UIs for their own gain.


well said @sumatranate ... I don't see this as any different than a personalized blog ... and with the advent of dclick (and hopefully similar services) I see advertising making it's way to the steem blockchain no matter what ...

now, what will be interesting is how people use it and how it impacts the user experience

I am not entirely sure if Google can be trusted. What happened if you get banned from Google and YouTube? would you also get banned from their wireless service too? Desktop 26-10-2018 7-17-48 PM-565.png


ha... that is TOO real.
But, what alternatives do we have?? I am not yet aware of a decentralized cell provider.

I acknowledge that most big business will take my data against my will and sell it to others ... but at least google does it will offering a service that I find valuable. And steve jobs went and died so apples kinda lame now.

but for real ... do you have any suggestions for potential alternatives?

Steem can be used for anything. If the community doesn't like it, they should flag it. That's all there is to it.

Well you could use resteem bots to get some extra exposure on the site or use dclick and create an add thats available on all posts created through


never heard of dclick ... thank you that looks really cool.

I've given you an upvote and left you this amazing automated comment (since spamming the blockchain is now acceptable)!!

Vote for witness nextgencrypto!!


thank you kind sir. I graciously accept your upvote.

I've been using it for a few months, 0 complaints. Love the freedom of not being strapped into a contract and managing my own data. The availability in other countries at no extra cost is icing on the cake.


awesome :) glad to hear another Steemian is enjoying the fi love.

First things first, Project Fi is really awesome and allows people from all over the world to experience what we have here in Europe between countries of the European Union. Travel anywhere you want with less concerns on your back, just like if you were at home...

Now, let's talk about what happened to the rule #3?!?!? :D ahah

Answering you questions, I do think it is ok an acceptable to use bidbots to promote your content, it doesn't matter what you are promoting as long as it is original (made by you), that's what Steemit wants. And that's why bidbots were created.

There are already bots like @cheetah, made by the community, that will hunt you down, if your content is not legit or if it is spam. So I think, in terms of abusing the system, you can´t do it to promote trash, but of course you can abuse the price changes and timing of buying the vote, but this is not illegal and requires some skill... so I think it is fine to do it.

As I mentioned earlier, as long as you are not promoting copy pasted articles, almost everything is acceptable.

Advertising on Steemit is being brought to discussion because of the current prices, the developers need a new stream of income. And I think we need to look at platforms like which implemented a new way of advertising within their platform and is working very well.


scorum seems pretty cool ... do you know of other platforms that offer a similar product?


No, I actually don't know anyone else using this type of ads to get some income.

I´ve heard that (korea) has some type of ads or are trying to implement it very soon. But, I don't speak their language so it's pretty hard for me to understand what is going on there.

  1. Are you able to use Tor, I2P, Tails and any other anonymity networks?
  2. What about torrents, proxies, port crawlers and other hack-related use cases?
  3. How often do you see reCaptcha?
  4. What about unsafe sites?


what does this have to do with cell service?

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Not worth at all for most of european countries, and particulary for France where we pay 10€ for all services. Including free calls, free sms/mms, 50go of data and data roaming in EU.


haha all you people in first world countries enjoying modern technology ... how we americans envy you :p

Fi would be perfect for our travels - Thank you for sharing, because it's caring!

I shall answer each point individually...

First, Google is evil, and that's all I have to say on that...

Is it ok to use bidbots to advertise products/services on Steem?

Not only is it okay, its what makes Steem awesome. Can you give Facebook money to promote or "boost" your post and get them to give you that money back plus some gains? Nope. Bid bots are a form of advertising innovation baby! And clearly, you've proven Steem Bounties are too, you sneaky bastard!

How can we prevent abuse of the system?

By kidnapping Daniel Larimer and demanding, at gunpoint, that he works on hardfork 21. We might as well abduct Hoskinson and Buterin while we're at it, that way Steem would really scale the charts.

What is ok to advertise / What should be avoided?

Steem has a huge potential for being the ultimate digital product market. Steem needs to become the decentralized Steam, iTunes, Kindle Unlimited and other sweet junk like that.

How do we make advertising a healthy part of Steem?

First off, where the hell did rule #3 go? You don't just skip 3 like its a personal preference, 3 earned its place in the numbers list and that's to be respected...

Advertising can be perfectly healthy and really, when ever an advertisement is annoying is because the advertisers have not been taking an interest in the viewer's good time and instead are just shoving down a message.

We see this with countless commercials. Lots of people, especially women, watch superbowl games because commercials are hilarious and entertaining. There was even a TV show devoted to displaying the funniest commercials ever made. This indicates that people can actually love being advertised to so long as their not being advertised to by absolutely self-serving douche bags. Its all about developing a new ad etiquette.

It's a bird! Its a plane! It's shill:

TeddyBear Ad.jpg

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I try registering through your link but the stuff is not going , it asking for compatible phone

Hey man! Haven't seen you for a while! Have you checked out the latest Partiko Android with the chatting feature?

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omgggggg lol did you see my recent comment about this? I did not know that they had added a chat feature.
Thank for being a bearer of such good news ... installing now.

I think it's also worth trying, this is very good,


yes ,

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That does sound like a good deal.


@rentmoney ... talk to me ... I can hook you up w/ the good good referral codes

I eve heard lots of great things about project fi... But I thought it was only US? Anyway, I'll take a peek and see if it is good for Europe!

Ouch, I just checked the pricing... Sadly it is more expensive than the plan I already have!

Profit is a financial benefit that is realized when the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses



I don't think your advertising should be wrong for the platform. In fact, Steem probably needs to encourage more because it's a legitimate way to increase your earnings. Lord knows crypto by itself isn't making money right now. If you can provide something that someone else wants, why not? If I wasn't too broke to travel right now, I'd be interested in the Google phone service. We met a couple in Belize last year (last year - when our miners and masternodes were making money!) that had that Google phone service and they were very happy with the way you could travel seamlessly between countries with it.

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Who's line's do they use? AT&T, TMobile, etc.


Not sure who's network they use ...

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Thank you very much for such good Information, it is useful and resteem it!