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Locking stake for 100% passive income, improving content, helping apps

in steem •  3 months ago

I think @tcpolymath wrote about this once... I thought it was great, but got very little traction as far as I know...

how difficult would this be to code into the blockchain? realistically... ?

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Here's the original post.

There's some interesting discussion of implementation there that I haven't gone digging father into. But my feeling is that if we can't fit a half-size Steem and half a basic POS system into the space currently occupied by a full Steem then something really weird is going on.


Thanks for sharing your in depth view on the steem structure in your article!

So basically what you are saying is that we need to remove the rshares and replace them with STEEM? If so why don't we have the problem of self-voting in this system? Probably I missed the connection - looking forward to your response!


No we keep rshares and all of that, but we just make the whole posting-voting-rewards system something people can opt into if they want to participate, rather than something everyone has to be a part of if they want to hold Steem.

Basically self-voting and bidbots are mechanisms to get around the fact that the system forces people to vote in order to get their rewards. So if we stop doing that, they won't need that particular method.


to paraphrase (or add):

Basically self-voting and bidbots are mechanisms to get ...

interest (earn) without bothering to even look at "content" at all - what to speak of actually reading it, evaluating, deciding how good it is (what normally curation means).
so, yes - system "forces to vote" - but doesn't forces to read :)
or in fact even bother to click on the link of "content" to even as much as open it. just "vote" action (= press upvote button) is good enough for system.

I'm not a coder... but Savings is already there in the wallet and already gets 9% or 10% or whatever... so I'd guess that most of the code to make this happen is pretty much already written.


Well, I don't code anymore, but I can somewhat think of the logic...

Technically, the rshares would remain the same for the reward pool assignment, that part would not change.

Since vested STEEM already makes ROI (not much mind you) it would be simply adjusting that number, setting conditions to it (ie stake not being delegated out) and creating an equivalent of a switch condition with cool downs and what not.

I used to code, its been a couple of decades now.. but it doesn't seem too hard, at least by comparison.


9 or 10%? interest?? savings dont be makin no money no more mon! Wachu talkin bout mon dis steem wallet be broken mon andf i tink its only a few percentage points aye and not anymore

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