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I fully realize that the whole situation regarding Steemit inc and delegations is a touchy subject, and truthfully it's not my intention to add fuel to the fire. However, I am a little interested in how things would work, if they would work that is, if Steemit inc was to remove all of its delegations.

Before you type something in anger, let me just say this is a complete hypothetical premise. I don't believe it's going to happen, nor am I sure it would be the right move to begin with. My intention is to get the mental gears working and possibly start a healthy conversation on the matter.

The inactive SP

I could probably pull a report on this, but the specifics are not as important for the sake of this conversation. In other words, the exact numbers would not necessarily make my point stronger or weaker.

I think most people know there is a massive amount of STEEM held by Steemit inc and just yesterday I came across a particular comment that puts Steemit Inc as bag holder of more than 25% of the total STEEM in existence which in my opinion is a very high number, but I digress.

What's important for this little thought experiment is to think of how the landscape would look if none of that stake was at play. Meaning, no delegations to dapps, no delegations to spam fighting initiatives, etc.

You see, just to give you a frame of reference if all those millions of tokens were to become active, begin voting and what have you, the pool would be affected heavily. This is to say that it's complete possible that a small dolphin for example, would be assigning a couple of pennies at most, since the vast majority of the pool would be control by the massive stake.

This sounds dystopian and I think none of us would enjoy a system of little to no influence unless you are a massive stake holder, but at the same time it does illustrate my point a little bit.

True Anarchy

In a system where there is no big brother, no umbrella to help out an up and coming project, we would surely see the survival of the fittest play its course.

Now again, I'm not really stating this as something I'm advocating for, but just a perspective we've possibly not considered.

The dapps and projects that would make it, including those to fight spam and abuse, would have to come from the stake holders and only from them, there would be no "Steemit inc should ..." Anywhere in the conversations.

In theory the percentage of the pool the none Steemit inc accounts would control would increase, thus making my hypothetical dolphin mentioned above more influential than ever, and even a small plankton might be able to assign a penny or two.

I think the main problem is the in betweens, or at least that is where my head is at the moment. Having dapps and projects favored over others with a system for the decision making that seems trivial at best.

At any rate, sorry for the curve ball, maybe it's just one of those mornings for me.


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I'm game to see this experiment. I feel like yelling anarchy, anarchy! In the meantime ;-)

This is an interesting perspective as we would all gain influence however it would be more effective if there was a function to keep that stake dormant if that is their intention. That way game theory will play out more freely without consider a potential impact from the stake. Not sure the technicalities of it but it could be interesting.

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Well in my case I just started a new experiment where I have 25 SP as most new steemians. I'm having their struggles and feeling their pain. How can you really feel like progressing where everything seems light years away and to reduce their options RCs is playing against them. For me steemit has become a place to hang out, read and write and meet people with the ilusion of some day getting some other altcoins that could get me to a better financial situation but not really relying on it as my future main source of income.

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Querido @meno Te daré mi opinión como un usuario pequeño, que solo lleva 300 días en Steemit y apenas soy un plancton, me esfuerzo mucho publico casi a diario, pero nada pasa, mi poder de voto sigue siendo muy pequeño y el de mis amigos también, lo que indica que no es que yo esté haciendo algo mal, sino que hay algo en el sistema y esto hace que nuestras recompensas hacia los demás no sean altas y eso a muchas personas les decepciona porque además de divertirse escribiendo un poco, sería agradable ver ganancias, y un poco de dinero no haría daño para premiar horas invertidas en esta plataforma.
No es una crítica al sistema, solo que me gustaría que mejorara en estos aspectos.
Gracias por tu tiempo, lo valoro mucho.


I think we'd have a big problem at the beginning, since just as when we remove the main person from the family, there is usually a period of restructuring.
After the restructuring is done, applications and users should also understand how STINC's post-exit system will work.
I believe that the actions of users and applications would change drastically, neither for positive nor for negative, but for adapting to the new reality. We would also see several people going to the forks that were created by Steem, and consequently we would have more competition.

Even good content never goes viral on Steemit. That's where we are losing this battle. There's a problem when centralised Facebook manages to create a platform that promotes content creators better than a decentralised steemit! If we don't address this, we are doomed. Let's face it

We are a tiny echo chamber... We would need mass adoption to talk about viral

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Well we could still get good stories published here. But let's say we get someone to break a story here...the chances of it getting noticed is very marginal. That's the issue. Even if you publish an earth shattering story, it may go unnoticed. I think this needs a relook...stories and posts go unnoticed, unless you are a whale. That's not the case with Facebook. Although I hate Facebook, it cleverly manages to get the word out. let's say you post smelting on animal cruelty, the news spreads straight away. just within your circle ...try that here and your own mates won't notice it. It's just a problem we need to address....This whole idea of whales getting more weightage is so medieval

curation is broken. in my opinion we should be awarding it though resteems. that way users have financial incentive to repost good content and it will get more views.

Yes something needs to change. This was a great start! But where to from here?

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So, what are you saying?

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In simple terms, there might be a positive side to it... At least I'm open to that possibility

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Steemit Inc prabably have over 25% of supply. They have ~25% just in their accounts, but they have a lot in exchanges. I think ~30-40% is more realistic.

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