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RE: Curation rewards: When and how to vote to get as much as possible!

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The post is not giving the in-depth knowledge of curation reward. It is just small overview. At present, some rewards are goes back to reward pool, if we upvote earlier or say within 15min. If upvote in first minute the maximum reward goes back to reward pool. Have you consider this for curation?


I just wanted to describe in simple terms how it works. I know that voting for yourself before 15 minutes deprives the curation reward of your own vote.

No matter you vote yourself or other, if you vote before 15 min the portion of share goes back to reward pool depends on time.

Which is why you can use this as a perfect excuse as to why you upvote yourself immediately after posting. "I do it to help all of YOU earn more curation! I swear!" ;) a lesson learned from @fyrstikken on discord

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Voting on yourself before 15 minutes deprives you of curation reward. I vote for myself in the first minute only to increase the visibility of the post.