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These rewards are intended to encourage searching and voting on high-quality content. The system that grants them is quite complicated. I will present to you what influences their value and how to vote to get the highest rewards. I invite you to read.

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After 7 days, each post is paid out. 25% of the total amount of rewards goes to the curators. This sum may increase up to 50% in the upcoming update! How are these funds shared? Here are the factors that influence the distribution of curation rewards:

The order of votes

An overview chart below shows how your curation reward is affected by the number of people who voted. As you can see, the majority of rewards are received only by the first few curators!

I drew an overview chart

It would seem, therefore, that it is enough to vote immediately after adding posts. However, it is not because the second system works here:

Time after publication

The chart below shows that by voting on the post within 15 minutes, we give up part of our curation reward for the benefit of the author of the post. At the time of publication, the vote gives 100% of our curation reward to the author of the post.

I drew an overview chart


The third factor affecting the amount of your curation reward is the weight of your vote. The more STEEM POWER you have, the higher your curator's rewards will be. What counts is the current state of your voting power and used percent of your power.

Optimal voting strategy

Ideally, when you are the first to vote for a post after 15 minutes of publication, and ultimately this post will earn a lot. Then you will get the biggest reward!

In fact (almost) it is never. You should search for good posts in the new tab and vote before the 15th minute. Voting for posts that have already been earned does not give good curation rewards. To earn a lot, you should constantly monitor new content for good posts. I hope that the article has been helpful to you. So I wish you successful hunting!

Thank you for reading! Good luck!


"The system that grants them is quite complicated."
Yep! lol
How long did this post take you to research and make?

It took me 4 hours to gather knowledge and create an article describing this topic in a simple and understandable way.

The post is not giving the in-depth knowledge of curation reward. It is just small overview. At present, some rewards are goes back to reward pool, if we upvote earlier or say within 15min. If upvote in first minute the maximum reward goes back to reward pool. Have you consider this for curation?

I just wanted to describe in simple terms how it works. I know that voting for yourself before 15 minutes deprives the curation reward of your own vote.

No matter you vote yourself or other, if you vote before 15 min the portion of share goes back to reward pool depends on time.

Which is why you can use this as a perfect excuse as to why you upvote yourself immediately after posting. "I do it to help all of YOU earn more curation! I swear!" ;) a lesson learned from @fyrstikken on discord

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Voting on yourself before 15 minutes deprives you of curation reward. I vote for myself in the first minute only to increase the visibility of the post.

Thank a lot for the explanation, it is very clear..!!

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It is helpful... But when voting I think we should think more about supporting the creator than just ourselves and getting the best possible curator reward.

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Yes it's true. I support many authors whom I like by voting earlier so that they would have a chance of greater visibility of post.

Gotta keep supporting the content creators we love eheh

@akiroq . Nice explanation post if curation

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Thanks @blanchy and thank you to @astromaniak for this helpful post!

That's helpful. I had no idea I've been doing it wrong so many times. Thanks for article

Ideally, when you are the first to vote for a post after 15 minutes of publication

I thought this limit was made to 30 minutes. In which fork it changed from 30 to 15 minutes?

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In last HF20. In the future this time may be more shortened.

Good info for sure. Ive been away from steemit a few months good to see news that helps! Salute

Wow esta genial el contenido de esta publicacion
Apenas estoy iniciando en la plataforma y estoy totalmente convencido que es la mejor ya que el apoyo es reciproco


Thanks for sharing

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To earn a lot, you should constantly monitor new content for good posts.

...or sell vote to get 95-97% rewards back.

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