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RE: SMTs Release Dates!

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As founder of @actifit - SMT for Rewarding Fitness Activity, we can't wait to get more hands on experience on SMTs. Those dates are a great start, we would preferably want more details from Steemit inc core team on exact expectations and final plans.


There should be a detailed ( even if private) debrief for the early SMT adopters so they can plan and adapt accordingly for the already running apps.

Hey Mcfarhat bro. I'm yet to know much about activity. I'm going to download it now and see how it works

sure ! It's all about rewarding people for being active :)
Join us on discord if you need any help.

More information will certainly be coming! This is just the beginning! You'll be getting a lot more info on SMTs as we move towards these release dates

Counting on you guys, please don't let us down.

We appreciate your support. We promise to not let you down! We're in this for the long haul. We've been at it for 2 plus years, which is a lot more than most blockchain projects can say and we're still just as passionate about bringing this revolutionary technology to the masses as ever. We have our plan and we're sticking to it!

@andrarchy for president 2020

stop the bear market already...

Thanks! we would definitely be looking forward to those the soonest, particularly as many aspects of our token distribution plans could be affected by how SMTs will function.

@andrarchy good news, I am going to go through the whitepaper again, I actually forgot about SMT's. Thanks!

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