Yeah its really frustrating how @ned wont ever look at these blockchain saving projects and how all we are doing is saving his chain and doing his work him and creating something for the actual long term future, its like where is @ned why cant he create less Dlive messes where he gets ripped off, and why cant dlux get the money? wtf man it pisses me off, this is a lot of work disregardfiat and marke have done and no one wants to support them like wtf this is the ONLY relevant thing on steem, this is what makes everything worth it, and they expect them to just sit there and never get any funding when without dlux steem isnt worth anything?

Steem monsters will NOT be worth it without a 3d system to make it fun wtf where is everyone from steemspeak where is fyrtsikken elgeko inertia all those people to help build steem and recognize this project is the only one to make this place worth using, no one will stay here unless its fun, the whole clone of reddit thing only goes so far,

Steem monsters doesnt become interesting WITHOUT dlux

DLUX is the ONLY real application for steem so WTF where is everyone? Off doing "other" projects, projects that are just not as important. This is the fastest moving project with just one or two people doing all the work, this is a joke the amount of unnecessary stress and frustration with no one on steem helping the ONLY project that will make steem actually worthy of mass adoption... fuckin sucks....

you know what steem is? A temporary sinking ship that MIGHT train you for EOS, thats about it at this point with neds failures

I don’t think Steem is a sinking ship at all. In fact I think there is more potential with the Steem blockchain than ever before. But I’m also not a fan of EOS. I don’t see EOS doing big things at all. There are too many issues with it’s centralised nature and the potential cost of transactions.

I agree that @ned and co need to get behind projects like this. I also wonder if the founders have tried to make contact with them.

If they haven’t, I have a contact that they might want to ask me about.

Ned commented about our project in a telegram chat. I know most people haven’t grasped the gravity of the dlux OS for steem(that’s how I like to think of it) Honestly we were hoping the proof of brain system would aggregate better content... but as you can see in this post less than $20 of rewards is not from vote bots.

Any next step from here require a larger budget... and we have immediate infrastructure needs.

I’d love to work with @utopian-io and and developer teams. The more immediate need is to continue to monetize free speech and encourage people to contribute knowledge to the public domain. I believe this is the paradigm to stop everything from poverty to war.

I’m sure @utopian-io would be keen to get involved with you guys. No doubt you’ve spent some time in their discord server.

I’m sure you’ll get more interest as you publish further updates. I’m sure that with an incentive to delegate that you’ll start seeing more delegations coming in as well.

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