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Our XR in the Wild

Recently we (@disregardfiat & @markegiles) went to a blockchain crawl in Santa Monica, CA. We were excited to show off our platform and see the reactions of users for ourselves. Here is how a typical experience went:

The card:

Video on twitter
It's a little odd handing somebody a piece of paper and telling them they are holding a dApp in their hand. This card just has the two things that auto populate our AR posts printed on it.
When you point your iPhones camera at it(or use a qr reader on android) it asks if you'd like to navigate to dlux.io.
After the application loads the user is prompted to use their camera.
The marker on the card now becomes the physical anchor for whatever information is posted. Of course, this is only one way to use AR software. Remix our Glitch and go wild. Below you can see that these dApps stored as static files on IPFS are aware of their blockchain data when loaded by the dlux front end. This one presents a transfer steem link which funds our ICO from AR, in addition to a vote button which monetizes even the software used to interact with people.
There is also a link to our VR ICO calculator. This runs on the VR section of our platform.
Which as you can see is also monetized. The VR dApps also have a built in VR chatroom so if you post an experience people who are viewing it simultaneously can interact with each other. The possibilities for games and interaction are also infinite.

This is the platform that allows anybody to create anything. We hope to see it used to publish everything from education to entertainment to games.

There are no barriers. If somebody anywhere in the world can get to a website they are likely able to view it in AR and VR. The ways we interact and communicate; uncensorable, monetized. Community controlled resource allocation. The incentivization of contributing information and content to the public domain.

Your Turn

If you own a restaurant you can make a menu app that knows which table and seat somebody is in. customize their order. Pay for it with steem and pay no fees anywhere. They can leave a review directly on your app using the blockchain again as a database. Now your user can even be paid for writing the review.

The platform is so frictionless. It requires no additional investments to do nearly anything. From making and distributing point of sales systems, to games your customers can play while waiting for food. Use TensorFlow.js with ml5.js and make haunted house experiences, sign language translators... bring art to life. That's just AR.

In VR you can utilize the same steem functions, like encrypting and decrypting p2p communication using steem published pgp keys. The trust for distributing public keys is the most exploitable attack vector for pgp... which we believe makes this vgp(very good privacy). Yes, obscured public commerce!

Ride Sharing Use Case Explained

Our world is getting more automated. How much will ride sharing cost when nobody is at the wheel? We can use a posted dApp that gets our location, encrypts the location and then handshakes with the ride-sharing API. Once the details are hammered out the dApp makes a comment, the user is then prompted to like the comment, and the dApp likes the post for the rest of whatever it costs to run the car.

We can apply proof of brain this way to any good or service used by people. By generating services and resources we require we attribute value and encourage opensource answers to our societal problems. Working together. Everywhere. Software that pays for itself. Solutions that pay for themselves.

Donating to our ICO

Software and solutions that pay for themselves. We are tokenizing impact to society. Own your say in the future. Decide what "content" you'd like to see by valuing it with votes. Literally shape your world by resource allocation with your tokenized attention. The ultimate crowdfunding platform. Where everything produced is free for everybody; and where anybody can create and be rewarded.

ICO Announcement
ICO Portal

Looking for Partners

We are looking to work with those who share our vision. Let's revolutionize user experience.


Resteemed and delegated after talking a bit more with one of the founders.

First of all, great idea to allow participating to ICO through delegation, this is something I hope to see a lot more in the future. That alone makes me want to buy more Steem to power up! This is something we should encourage.

Second, this concept is amazing. Imagine world where upvotes could be used for anything. Visit a museum, but instead of paying one expensive ticket, you could just upvote paintings that you actually want to see. Or just pay for coca cola from ATM with your upvote or pay for some cool artwork from another Steemian at Steemfest!

That would make me want to hold a lot more SP than I do now, how about you?

@roelandp this project would be cool to see at Steemfest. There's no better place for showcasing this technology.

Yeah finally @roelandp steemfest yeah, its like, no one else is building stuff like @disregardfiat and @markegiles and im very happy to have seen this on my feed with $352 .. i hope @thejohalfiles and @therising sees this and knows that ive been watching this project and trying to help it and i even went crazy thinking about this stuff, i went into lan mower man mode and i became the lan mower man, the eztra terrestrial border patrol.

I delegated 40 SP two days ago and plan to increase it to 100 SP.

The quoted part is something I never thought about but it is a nice idea actually.

Imagine world where upvotes could be used for anything. Visit a museum, but instead of paying one expensive ticket, you could just upvote paintings that you actually want to see. Or just pay for coca cola from ATM with your upvote or pay for some cool artwork from another Steemian at Steemfest!

So impressive, that I parted with some of my Steem and SP right away :)

In fact, this is only my second ICO ever.
The first one was a Ethereum presale, back in 2014

Crypto currency would be good in every run , long short and medium term I am with you

Guys, the potential here is insane. I think your post massively understates what your platform means for Steem and crypto in general.

Please continue to provide updates.

Yeah its really frustrating how @ned wont ever look at these blockchain saving projects and how all we are doing is saving his chain and doing his work him and creating something for the actual long term future, its like where is @ned why cant he create less Dlive messes where he gets ripped off, and why cant dlux get the money? wtf man it pisses me off, this is a lot of work disregardfiat and marke have done and no one wants to support them like wtf this is the ONLY relevant thing on steem, this is what makes everything worth it, and they expect them to just sit there and never get any funding when without dlux steem isnt worth anything?

Steem monsters will NOT be worth it without a 3d system to make it fun wtf where is everyone from steemspeak where is fyrtsikken elgeko inertia all those people to help build steem and recognize this project is the only one to make this place worth using, no one will stay here unless its fun, the whole clone of reddit thing only goes so far,

Steem monsters doesnt become interesting WITHOUT dlux

DLUX is the ONLY real application for steem so WTF where is everyone? Off doing "other" projects, projects that are just not as important. This is the fastest moving project with just one or two people doing all the work, this is a joke the amount of unnecessary stress and frustration with no one on steem helping the ONLY project that will make steem actually worthy of mass adoption... fuckin sucks....

you know what steem is? A temporary sinking ship that MIGHT train you for EOS, thats about it at this point with neds failures

I don’t think Steem is a sinking ship at all. In fact I think there is more potential with the Steem blockchain than ever before. But I’m also not a fan of EOS. I don’t see EOS doing big things at all. There are too many issues with it’s centralised nature and the potential cost of transactions.

I agree that @ned and co need to get behind projects like this. I also wonder if the founders have tried to make contact with them.

If they haven’t, I have a contact that they might want to ask me about.

Ned commented about our project in a telegram chat. I know most people haven’t grasped the gravity of the dlux OS for steem(that’s how I like to think of it) Honestly we were hoping the proof of brain system would aggregate better content... but as you can see in this post less than $20 of rewards is not from vote bots.

Any next step from here require a larger budget... and we have immediate infrastructure needs.

I’d love to work with @utopian-io and and developer teams. The more immediate need is to continue to monetize free speech and encourage people to contribute knowledge to the public domain. I believe this is the paradigm to stop everything from poverty to war.

I’m sure @utopian-io would be keen to get involved with you guys. No doubt you’ve spent some time in their discord server.

I’m sure you’ll get more interest as you publish further updates. I’m sure that with an incentive to delegate that you’ll start seeing more delegations coming in as well.

Nice project and post guys, I think the potential of your project is extremely underrated, maybe you can promote it on bitcoin talk aswell to make people aware of your project.

If anybody is keeping score. We took all our current ICO donations and pushed them through bid bots to get attention on our project. With nearly a guarantee of 100% ROI and the added bonus of aggregating the attention we actually want, we have started to accumulate SP into our @dlux-io community vote bot. Steem is such an amazing resource... our collective jaws have been on the floor since we realized what has been set in motion and watching it play out.

The more people willing to fund our vote bot and bid for ICO distribution the faster we can accumulate the talent and resources for better infrastructure and attention bidding through channels like bitcoin talk.

Who's next with the talent(leave a comment, join our discord) or resources

The funny thing is I was looking at your wallet the other day and wondered how you're going to get the word out about your project on the trending page when you have no liquid Steem or big SP.

Now I see you've spent the ICO donations to do it. How much dlux tokens do you get for a 10$ or 100$ donation?

I actually heard about you from @taskmaster4450 when he wrote a post about your project.

"Spent" ICO donation raises awareness while awarding SP and SBD back to our account. Effectively free advertising while we would have just moved STEEM to SP on @dlux-io anyway. Maximizing use of our resources is a feature of proof of brain. ;)

dlux SMTs are available in uncapped auction blocks.
There are 20,000,000 at auction until ~November 1st and you can participate by sending steem to @robotolux or using our ico portal which does the same thing, but lets you see you pending and locked tokens. More information here.

If you would like to bid for 2,000,000 tokens with delegation you can delegate to @dlux-io and participants will be awarded SMT via the terms/math.

Unfortunately, our steem wallets accurately reflect our real life wallets, our developers haven't received any appreciable pay during the development of this software... we're resilient though and knew the world deserved a better way to transact even if we couldn't convince an investor to help us along so far. @taskmaster4450 did a lot to raise awareness for us; we're excited to see independent viewpoints on our project, always looking for feedback and opportunities to improve ourselves and society.

Oh well good to hear @taskmaster4450 wrote a post about dlux, Ive been waiting for a whale to step up and actually get dlux the attention tit deserves but people are thick and not paying attention to dlux and how its the only constantly interesting thing on steem, everything else falls apart, like DLIVE, look at how Ned just gets SCAMMED, and I HEARD about Dlive Doing this shit WAY before it happened, neds up to some shadey shit

LOl And now pewdiepie is on DLive... LOl after dlive leaves steem. incredible..

The fact this post doesn't have more comments is proof we are all becoming jaded by the vast parabolic innovation happening in this space. BIG UPS for utilizing IPFS. You and your project are definitely living in the future. The problem is by the time anyone reads this comment, it will be the past. That is how fast things are moving. Good luck and I hope to put my project, The Alpha Wave podcast on your dApp.

YES thats exactly what Ive been trying to say all over the post, i am jaded at peopels jadedness and im not afraid to tell everyone how fucked up steem really has become, no one cares about its survival they all just think its gonna stay valuable forever NOPE , if we dont have something worthy of spending our time on, we will die, its a fact, eos will come and airdrop to current steemians and we will be gone forever, ill guarantee that with the people I know, oh yeah they have the money and theyll ditch steem, heck theyll ditch steem for whaleshares in the mean time LOL

Absolutely! We're on discord to help you place assets and manage interactions. Web based collaborative IDEs make this process accessible to everybody. Thank you for the intention to bring your podcast in to the future with dlux!

WOW that's great :)

Join our discord and learn how to post music in VR. :)

This is exactly what I was thinking about while reading the post. I immediately got that this could be a great way to distribute (and possibly even make) music. Let me get over to discord now and check this out. Thanks a million!

@surfyogi just pointed me to this post and I must say, this is awesome. You've shown how much more Steem can do. Paying for most stuffs through upvotes and even rewarding reviews through upvotes will ensure a passive income for everyone.

This project seems good overall. But,

"If you own a restaurant you can make a menu app that knows which table and seat somebody is in. customize their order. Pay for it with steem and pay no fees anywhere. They can leave a review directly on your app using the blockchain again as a database. Now your user can even be paid for writing the review."

Do you think all people come to restaurant are holding steem or a member of steem community?
Be more practical when giving examples.

The information posted is public, I except nearly every person patronizing anything will have a cell phone. While they might not be able to purchase with steem they will be able to see a menu, you can put any online payment method along side steem. The software doesn't need to only be POS, even just games while you wait for food paid for with cash is a network patron. Therefore, everybody who uses software distributed like this gets to interact with steem, making the platform more desirable.

" Si alguien en cualquier parte del mundo puede acceder a un sitio web, es probable que pueda verlo en AR y VR. Las formas en que interactuamos y nos comunicamos; Incensibilizable, monetizado. Asignación de recursos controlada por la comunidad. La incentivación de aportar información y contenido al dominio público."

Y aunando que es completamente facil, entretenido, te da conocimiento a cosas y herramientas que desconocias y hace por lo menos en mi caso me resulto muy interesante y quiera saber mas .... de verdad felicidades, ha encantado tu post.!!!

Great project for sure @dlux-io. I am wondering that why I am not aware about this, as this is great project with great potential but not heard this about much. I just checked your web platform and it's great for sure. You guys made unique and amazing platform. I can think of so many use cases of this project.

I read that donating steem will give us some SMTs. Can you please guide me if we delegate SP - then how we will get dlux-io tokens ?

Wish you good luck with this project and I will make article on this for sure @dlux-io. To show my support - upvoted and resteemed :)

Looking forward to reading your take on things. Here is our post about delegating to bid for tokens.
Information about delegation

This is genius! Now this is the future!

crypto blockchain will resolve all the basic financial problem in the world

this looks greats, keep on the update.

this good and new informations for me
thank you for sharing

We want to use it but honestly finding difficult to use. Somewhere nice tutorials are missing

We’re trying our best but we’re breaking new ground. Here is a good place to start. And join our discord to ask questions 😊



Creating a monetized virtual reality 3d replica of reality on a blockchain is difficult to do? So is building a house in real life... and if you buy some dlux tokens you can help them maybe hire someone to take the work load off

looks like a very innovative marriage of VR and Blockchain. I will am reading more about it and will revert

I love dlux.io
Thank You so much

Nice concept. Would have great potential .

Its good to know. Thank you.

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Looking into this one. Seems to have a good potential!

This is really cool! :)

Cooooooool!!! I delegated 500 just for the idea of ICO through delegation already. Will it be enough to follow this account to stay informed or better follow founders too?

This account will tend to post tangibles, while our founders may get off topic a little bit. Personally I'd recommend following all three accounts. @dlux-io @disregardfiat @markegiles

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Great Job,

Technology is getting more and more well developed, success is always for you and the team

Great content you have here! 😁


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can you explain a normie based use case?

Person X wants to do action Y , they can do so by doing Z with our project ?

Anytime you swipe a credit card, give a tip, or write a check. You could be interacting with AR software on your own device.

This lets people provide any experience. Not buy expensive point of sales systems, App Store memberships, a square reader...

But I can’t stress enough that our project is limitless. Literally anything you can imagine can be put into a virtual world. Concerts, video games, art shows... who knows. Augmented reality is probably more powerful. All available to anybody with a smart device/computer/VR HMD

Omg your question is so annoying...ur basically asking why all virtual reality is useful and thats a huge social debate right now.... but heres a bunch of obvious use cases




Oh but now you can actually get paid when you release a new open source building design or release a new piece of 3d art or game

So for example Consumer VR didnt even exist untill a few years ago and occulus Go is brand new and has all these videos you can watch on this proprietary samsung menu, where no one is getting paid for their videos (besides some non self sustaining one time pay of favoritist selected artists) but in the future samsung can pay a group of open source steem sorcerers to integrate our steem upvote and curation system to the proprietary occulus go menu... and that shit now will let you upvote VR videos or stills or 3d models or games like the occulus has and makes you pay for... well no one will end up long term continuing to pay 10 dollars for a vr game that lasts 5 mins but if you get paid in upvotes for releasing projects you actually love to make you end up with a lot more and way more employed happy creators...

ITS hard to imagine for plankton but one day everyone will get bigger upvotes for making cool 3d objects that will all fit into different games but we just need a genius to come and give us standards

We need a new dan larimer to come build a good idea schematic that humans can then build like ants

Thanks ants


I'm thinking the money is going to fall into crisis time when the popularity is still very low. The excessive number of scams makes people lack trust and do not want to invest. Bitcoin today has soared showing it is about to fall into a disaster. eth discount too much. Surely it is going to collapse?

very nice project guys, keep going.

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