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RE: My version of Steem is NOT content based, It is Contribution based.

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Currently what steemit need is to allow advertiser, advertise their product while payment for advertisement will be in form of steem dollars and steem. That is they will have to cover any of their currency into steem or steem dollars with this we will have more investors in the platform. Advertiser will have a separate account use for creating product awareness. Account like that will not have access to upvoting or curating post, as there will be daily reduction in the deposited amount, just like the way other social media have been running their ads.
A separate business account for advertisement without access to curate post will help to encourage alot of investment in steem and steem dollars and also help to prevent any form of idle storage of steem or steemdollars in an account.

@transisto this is the little contribution from my own perspective.


I think it's only a matter of short time before advertisers realise the massive potential of steem. With a public blockchain full of user data, and an easy system to automate delivery of ads cheaply to specific users (0.001 STEEM in a memo), it's going to happen.

In fact I've thought of creating an app that let's users set a price to click on an add. Advertisers can decide, based on the public user data, whether the price is worth paying. But I don't know anything about the advertising industry, and also don't want to be the first person to introduce ads here.. ;)

It will be a very good if you can seek more information before proceeding on your project.

Ha, yeah I won't be doing this. It seems like a good way to generate some income for somebody, but you'd have to have contacts in the advertising industry, I'd reckon. I have half a contact, but that's not enough for me to get motivated to do something. :)

smile, one more connection may be all you need to get other connection.

It's one of those evil temptations. I really fucking hate the advertising industry. But on the other hand, I'm desperately poor, so I could make some money to help my own situation. Thankfully I really don't know enough about the industry to take something like this on, so thankfully the decision has been more or less made for me.

NO ADS!! that’s one of the points of differentiation between Steemit and other platforms. Ads ruin everything

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