View your Steem user stats on your desktop with Rainmeter

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Hi everybody,
I made a Rainmeter skin that shows your Steem user stats on your desktop background! You can install the skin in a click!


Rainmeter is a lightweight (2MB) desktop customization tool. If you like customization, it's really worth checking out. It allows creation of awesome desktop interfaces like this:


The skin

It'll show your voting power, rewards, post count, balance and savings!

It took me a lot of time making it, but you can do this in a few simple steps.

It’s really easy to do:

  1. Download and install Rainmeter

  2. Download and install this skinfile: SteemUserStats_1.0.0.rmskin

  3. Browse to SteemUserStats.ini and press Edit (on the top-right)

  4. Change the username:

  5. Save the file, press Refresh and you're done!

Now you can keep track of your stats without having to open anything!

I’ll try to add some improvements soon. I hope you enjoy :-)

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment if you need any help.
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Very interesting. I will have to check this out. Thank you!


Let me know what you think!

Great simple skin. I've been using rainmeter for years so this is perfect for me. Thx!

Great! nice app :)

This is good and deserves way more upvotes!

This is really cool, thanks for this!

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This is very cool, thank you! Im following you now.

I couldn't get it to work, changed name in both spots. Only my name and rating are displayed in the skin, everything else is marked "N/A". I also can't seem to move the skin anywhere, and it is set for "draggable"


Maybe 'click through' setting is enabled if you can't drag.
I should really update the theme. It uses a scraper to get the stats on your screen and a lot of times it doesn't work well.
Now there's a Steem.js api and I could clean up the code. Have a lot of projects at the moment. So maybe :p


Hi @maxse,
For me : everything else is marked "N/A"


I'm really sorry, but I don't keep this skin under maintenance.
Some days it puts N/A everywhere, some days it works.
To be honest I don't use it anymore.

It's really easy to customize & fix the script, the skin basically scrapes information from websites so you just have to make some minor changes.
(change some urls and html tags)

That's really cool. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this handy tool me friend :)

for windows though. I use Linux.

What are we changing the username to?


To your own username of course! ;)


Got it! I think!! Thank you so much! I did give up on the Rainmaker app thing though - b/c I couldn't load any sort of skin no matter what link I followed. Ah well, thanks again and have a GREAT eve! Go Pens!! :O)


That's unfortunate :(
Have a great evening!

Can you make this for Android please?