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RE: Steem And The Crypto Winter - I Am Not Going Anywhere

in #steem2 years ago

I wish you all the best @flauwy that you will find your personal financial stability soon. Steem is still a good way to earn "some crypto money" from at home, but as you said its not really reliable right now. On the other hand the crypto winter is good for the ecosystem to get rid of all the malfunctions on the Blockchain and Users who just came for speculation.
Even will be forced to let down the pants when we hit price bottom. IMO, there needs to be this financial pressure so that only good business decision survive in the long term. I only hope that at this point some Blockchain Developers will see the opportunity in Steem Blockchain to finish the work that wasn't able to do.
Steem On, community support is still alilve!


It might indeed the best what could have happen to the Steem project (and cryptos in general). We have to be patient. We are still super early in the game and I am grateful for being an early adopter.

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