Introducing @randowhale - will you get the 50% vote? Give it a shot! Wow what a shot in the arm randowhale is!

in #steem7 years ago

Let me tell you something many newbie's already know.

It is hard getting started here on Steemit.

However let me introduce you to my new friend:



Let me share with you what my new friend did for me. I sent in my request with 2.0 SBD and the post below went from .02 to 9.76. Click here to see for yourself. I am a fancy Dad

It is easy just click on the name Randowhale and follow the eight easy directions and:


You too will suddenly have a new friend.

Just so you know up front it will cost you 2.0 steem or SBD.

I sure hope this post has value for my fellow Steemians


Recently they changed the %.
The Voting Power is often to low and most of the time i'll just lose money

Review current voting power at it is at the top right corner of the page win it loads. Don't send in your request until the meter is at 30% or better. lol

i had the same happen like a 3.5% and my post jumped up to $11 orso :) its rly sweet indeed

Yeah it is. I think however that I might not want to do it more than once a day. lol I just did it three times on three different post, but the last time I only got a 1.9%. I think it has to do with how often you do it too, along with how much voting power randowhale has at any given moment.

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