Steem Monsters Evolution on the Steem Block Chain

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More Uses for Steem and Decisions for the Steem Monster Team

Alpha packs have sold out, a whopping 300,000 card packs have been sold. Without counting any promo discounts that is $600,000.00 Real money is being tossed around over there. If you've been overlooking this as a potential investment and some fun it might be worth a look. Don't forget everyone this can be a great way to introduce steem to the general public in another way besides steemit!

Decision time is here for the Steem Monsters Team:

The Background: Steem Monsters will use a leveling up process to their cards. You can either combine cards, thus making less of them available or actually play the game with the cards and gain experience. More powerful cards lead to bigger prize pools in tournaments.

The big decision being worked on right now is how will the new beta cards work alongside the already released alpha edition. My proposal to them is to protect the value of the alpha cards by not allowing a combination of the two series of cards in leveling. A concern has been expressed that some will want to use the cards they have already bought in the game(alpha). My answer is you can use them to the level you have them or sell them and start again on beta. It's my understanding that there will be multiple tournament formats so that everyone can play and that's what everyone wants.

Alpha, being the first edition, has collectors value. If games were to start soon then they would also be first into battle.
I think that giving beta cards a more difficult time of leveling up is a great way to protect the value of alpha cards.


Alpha and Beta Cards Remain Separate, No Cross Combining

Beta Cards are More Difficult to Level Up- Making alpha cards more desirable in collectors value and play value

Less Confusion- Keeping the cards separate would prevent statistics like 63% alpha 37% beta
We would never have to worry about an uncombine feature as well

The Future of Delegation:
Having beta cards more difficult to level would play right in to the future of people renting their cards for high level tournaments. I mean if you want to play a 2,000.00 card by renting it for five dollars then it might be a great way to go.

Alpha only tournament formats could be added to the mix

How do you think Steem Monsters should handle the alpha/beta card situation?

Thoughts, comments, replies, suggestions always appreciated!



As someone who heavily invested in this project, I agree. Alpha should stand alone.

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Agree with you on that :)

All those you mention are great options that not only incentivize early adopters but also continue to demonstrate the versatility using the Steem blockchain brings to projects of all types! I like the fact that they included a Steem account for those who participated in the Kickstarter. This provides a great entry point to the Steem ecosystem and community.

Great reply, good insight, growth comes from places we may not expect, I’m a steem fan! :)

Wow greate article!
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