The importance of leadership for the stability of a project

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Every community needs a leader. Without a leader, there's only a crowd. When there is a familiar face, a name and a career path at the forefront of the community, everyone feels safer. Community members collaborate on the development of the common project with greater dedication and confidence because they feel that there is someone behind supporting, even in the bad times.

From the outside, the leader is the familiar face of the community. Investors feel more confident seeing real people at the forefront of projects. You can love them; you can hate them, but you can't ignore them. The leaders' shoulders rest the responsibility of the community because, in most cases, they support the viability of the project with their own investment. It doesn't matter how good or bad the intentions of a project are at birth. If the community is a leadershipless crowd, it will end up failing. If community leadership is not really committed to the project, but only seeks its own benefit and satisfy its vanity, the project will fail.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, where uncertainty reigns, being able to have a familiar face, a respected person in the market, is a treasure of incalculable value. I have never been able to understand, even now, why there were so many people who could not appreciate the extraordinary opportunity that was presented to us in the community of Steem with the arrival of Justin Sun. Are there people who hate him? Of course; if envy were music, the world would be a serenade. There are many people who admire him, as they also admire Dan Larimer or William E. Quigley. Because they have a dream and they work for their dream. And, perhaps this is the most serious thing for haters, they are successful people.

And these features are what fearful markets need to trust a product and be able to thrive with a minimum of stability, within what we can expect in the convulsing cryptocurrency market. In the end, time puts each one in place... on the market.

Steem 05/05/20 - 06/01/20 (Huobi)Justin Sun
TRX (Tron) 05/05/20 - 06/01/20 (Huobi)Justin Sun
EOS 05/05/20 - 06/01/20 (Huobi)Dan Larimer
WAXP 05/05/20 - 06/01/20 (Huobi)William E. Quigley
Hive 05/05/20 - 06/01/20 (Huobi)The Magic Council of Pure Witnesses

A project that is born from fear, selfishness, envy, resentment, lies... can never go very far. Maybe they can fool a lot of people for a short period of time and shine like a star, but in reality, it will only be the glow of a firefly slowly fading into the swamp. Instead of making so much noise, perhaps it would be best if they worked hard for their own project and not seek success by sinking the competition. We lost great content creators who followed, spellbound, the glow of the moth. We creatives are people of great emotional complexity. Sometimes our emotions overcome us. And we make mistakes. So we make the wrong decisions. I know it. Here, in the Steem community, I found understanding and forgiveness. I found people with the courage to ask me to come back. And I ask that all those fantastic creatives who left us come back with us; It's not worth the paid trip to the dark.

Updating my Witness node (still rebuilding)

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Octa-Core
2x 1 TB NVMe SSD
Bandwidht 1 Gbit/s

Please, consider using one of your votes for my proposal to Steem Witness. Thank you!



Thanks for this very well written post, @marcosdk! I fully agree that one should follow a leader with a positive vision in mind, as only those creations by a friendly, human leader will be able to succeed in the long run.

Especially in the new world that is currently coming to light to give all those a chance that were treated wrongly for their whole life. Surely we live in exciting times, my friend. The dark side's days are coming to an end.

Thanks @steemchiller. We still have a lot of work to do.
"But I'm alive. And I'm not afraid"

Admiro tu gran postura amigo! Es triste estar en este situación, esperemos todo marche bien. Bienvenido nuevamente @marcosdk

Gracias @belkisa758. Para mi lo más importante es dejar ese mensaje; que todos cometemos errores. Que no eres menos persona si un día te paras y te dices:

Hey, tal vez me he equivocado; tal vez me he dejado llevar por las circunstancias sin plantearme seriamente las consecuencias.

Más bien al contrario; esa es la clase de gente con la que yo quiero trabajar. Y con quienes les vuelven a aceptar con los brazos abiertos.

Y el segundo mensaje que quiero dejar es que "la mentira tiene las patas cortas" y los mercados no son tontos.



Thank you my friend!

Welcome! Will support you as a STEEM witness.

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for your support!

How daf did we not see this earlier? Awesome clarification!

Thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much
For your support, I really
Appreciate it.

                 - marcosdk

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I like your post. very interesting

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

@marcosdk bienvenido una vez más sigamos haciendo comunidad.



Muchas gracias @electrodo. Aprender de los errores, propios y ajenos, y ganas de trabajar serán las claves para que el #newsteem tenga éxito.

Well said. I fully agree too.

Thanks, glad you like it!

well concluded -- "It's not worth the paid trip to the dark"

Sad but true. I know some very talented people taking that trip to nowhere... :-/

There's always a silent majority. I'm sure many will come back!

Welcome back!

Thank you my friend! Sincerely.

Eres una de las personas que más admiro en este mundo de la blockchain por tu honestidad extrema y tu coraje asi como sinceridad. Siempre de tu lado y comparto cada sabia palabra que has dicho en esta publicación que sé, viene del corazón de un hombre honesto y preparado en muchos ámbitos. Un abrazo y mis respetos como siempre para ti, querido @marcosdk.

Estando corriendo en todas estas situaciones en las últimas semanas no había percibido estos ires y venires!! Veo finalmente que tu proyecto de Witness va a quedarse con pie firme!! Coincido firmemente en todos tus puntos y en las perspectivas y oportunidades que hay para Steem!!
De mi parte te agradezco el impulso que le has dado al proyecto Knitrias y a otros proyectos!! El camino viene con muchas buenas sorpresas, esa es mi impresión!!
Abrazos fuertes Marcos y por acá nos seguimos encontrando con más!!
Todo lo Mejor para @RadaQuest y mi voto a tu Witness nunca se movió!!

Gracias a ti también por tu apoyo. Vamos a ver si podemos apostar más por las personas y mantener la ilusión por la comunidad!

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