We're on the 6th day of steem Marketing Initative || 27 September 2019

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We're on the 6th day of the Steem Marketing Initiative now!

  • Check the POST to know more about this initiative.

What's new?

  • Introduced the new tag "GoSteem" and "GoDecentralized" recently.

Today I only made one content for @build-it

Todays Impact:

  • We Got 350+ Likes and 668 impression and......402 engagement on Instagram.

  • On Twitter we got near 350 impressions.

Instagram impact.

#Post 1
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#Post 1
613 FollowersIMG_20190927_070738_883.jpg

I don't charge for the promotions. I am on a mission to promote steem on the social media platforms.

I want to enable paid promotions. The paid promotion will enable us to be more bigger and be visibal by many! My daily budget is $20 which envolves promotion on Facebook / Instagram and twitter. If you would like to donate to this budget, please go ahead and do. I currently don't have the fund to do the paid marketing. And i have kept a budget of $20 per day.

You want paid promotions - but your article is full of mistakes. If just posting, as most of us do here, not so important - but when you want to be a professional, you should be a damn sight more careful

What mistakes? And what do you mean. If people want to support me they will. If you don't like what i am doing....

What a nasty response. Instead of wanting to learn and make better posts, all you know to do is get angry because you are criticised?

If people want to support you...

that is a stupid argument. Nobody would want to be represented by someone who makes basic mistakes as it makes them look stupid for using you.

I have no wish to help anyone as aggressive and unpleasant as you, so look elsewhere if you care to learn how to write better.

I have no time to waste for such arguments. I'd love to see you market steem on your social networks. And if you say that there's something wrong, comment abot it instead of trying to show your supremacy.

if you say that there's something wrong, comment abot it

You say you have no time to waste in learning what your mistakes are, but also, that I should spell out what your mistakes were. Why should I?

People will see your post, my comment, maybe look again at your post and laugh at you and then - walk away from this person who openly admits he has no time for learning to improve his marketing skills and posts. As a clue, in the last paragraph there are 3 glaring errors - plus bad use of English.

It is weird how people like you think. If you had the courtesy to reply nicely, asking what the errors are or welcoming corrections, I would have gone out of my way to help you.

However, I do not help arrogant p****s.

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