We're on the 5th day of steem Marketing Initative || 26 September 2019

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We're on the 5th day of the Steem Marketing Initiative now!

  • Check the POST to know more about this initiative.
I want to enable paid promotions. The paid promotion will enable us to be more bigger and be visibal by many! My daily budget is $20 which envolves promotion on Facebook / Instagram and twitter. If you would like to donate to this budget, please go ahead and do. I currently don't have the fund to do the paid marketing. And i have kept a budget of $20 per day.

The main motive is to reward people who engage with the contents created on twitter and Instagram. All they need to do is like, share, and comment on the content. Only 2 posts are created on Twitter and Instagram daily so that we are not considered as spam.

Todays Impact:

  • We averaged 100 likes and 250 average reach Just on Instagram Again!! Damn!!

  • On Twitter we got over 200 Reach average. Not as good as yesterday's.

  • The rewards have been the same. 1 to 10 steem a day distributed as per the ingagement. The engagement means liking, commenting and if possible sharing.

Instagram impact.

#Post 1Post 2
84 FollowersIMG_20190925_210146_059.jpgIMG_20190926_092934_095.jpg


#Post 1Post 2
615 FollowersIMG_20190925_210146_059.jpgIMG_20190926_092934_095.jpg

I don't charge for the promitions. I am on a mission to promote steem on the social media platforms.

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