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The steem Silent Marketing in already underway. The purpose of this initiative is to make sure more people from outside know about steem and hopefully join.

  • Check the POST to know more about this initiative.

The main motive is to reward people who engage with the contents created on twitter and Instagram. All they need to do is like, share, and comment on the content. Only 2 posts are created on Twitter and Instagram daily so that we are not considered as spam.

Today's Impact:

  • Considering that this is the first day, it faily went okay. My existing followers interacted. No new followers. But I hope this changes as i want more people to interact and get rewarded!!
  • 1 to 10 steem daily price pool and 50 to 100 per week price pool is out there. But you need to interact with the posts and help the community.

Instagram Stats.

post linkEngagement %Followers
Post 111%54
Post 23.7%54
Post 1Post 2

Twitter Stats:

Tweet LinkImpressionsPicture

In twitter we just got over 500 impressions. I know this is relatively low! But I need you guys to help me go beyond and increase the potential reach. More the merrier!!

Todays Rewards:

  • There weren't any participants who liked, commented on the posts. Thus no reward has been distributed. Although there was one user who liked and I send him a twitter dm but he hasn't replied to me yet.

  • If we are just going to look at the numbers and decide that it's not worth interacting, just remember that as we grow bigger in community, we can do anything. The more the followers in the account, the more potential reach we will have. Thus more interactions means bigger reach.

Consider supporting either by interacting on the posts or by donating to the pool.

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