Coffee paid with Steem

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Just had a very nice coffee this morning at my favorite cafeteria Ca's Chato and I paid with Steem!

One of the places that I managed to convince to accept Steem as payment several months ago on my quest to promote Steemit in bars and restaurants in my local area. Huge thanks to @rafelchato for being the first establishment on my list to see the light and become a pioneer in accepting not only steem but also btc and dash as payment for food and drinks.

A cortado coffee cost me 1.04 Steem today thanks to the huge increase in price in recent weeks!

In case you are new to Steemit and did not hear about this here is a link to the map

Map of businesses that accept Steem here locally in Mallorca

Yesterday I enjoyed a nice lunch with my children at @metropolisbar here is the link in case you missed it

In the coming weeks I hope to add new places to pay with steem as I slowly recover from my hard personal situation and step out of this horrible depression which has had me stopped in my tracks.

Thanks for reading all upvotes, comments and resteems greatly apreciated.

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How do they accept Steem?

Do they use a payment processor?


No for now we have to work the price out manually but it works just fine. Steemit being a wallet makes this quite easy with a fast peer to peer transfer.


Hello @mallorcaman

I do not know if you know this site:

It gives you the price of STEEM and Steem Dollar-SBD in Euro and 46 other currensies with a mouse click.

Wallet to Wallet is the best payment if you ask me. No fees - the shops like that. A payment processor will always cost them money.


wow I didnt know about this very cool!

Hello @mallorcaman

What you do by bringing STEEM to merchandises is one of the things that will make Steemit big. THANK YOU.

As @penguinpablo say: "That's great! :)
I definitely have to visit that wonderful island again!"

Keep on posting about what you are doing and prepare to be the STEEM guide in Mallorca.

It would be lovely if you could get hotels or other accommodations to accept STEEM!



Tank you @penguinpablo


Thanks @barbro very encouraging comment, @penguinpablo actually sent me 1.04 steem so I can have another coffee there next time. With such an amazing community great things are about to happen and its just a matter of time.


Hello again @mallorcaman

I just told @ramta to pay the lunch you had with your lovely kids.

He love fathers who take care of their kids, and of course our future STEEM guide must have some lunch.

Have a nice day ;-)


Wow you guys are totally amazing Im all red in the face thanks for the generosity. More to come soon stay tuned!


Hi @mallorcaman

The lunch money is in your Wallet, thank you for the STEEM-Work you are doing in Mallorca.
It looks as you have great kids, say hello to them.

That's great! :)
I definitely have to visit that wonderful island again!


Yes please come to Mallorca I will gladly show you around the island!

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Wow, you are the local Steem advocate, perhaps even salesman. Keep up the great work! That coffee looks wonderful, by the way.


Tastes amazing !! Thanks @countryinspired

Upvoted and I see 0.04 made.

Still 1 steem required. :D


12 views out of 23 upvotes that pretty good stats, my post payouts are normally quite low. But I keep con trucking!


Post payout will increase now that I AM HERE!

Keep hustling Mallor!

Really, you convinced a cafe to adopt Steem as a payment option? Hats off man!!!

now proof of coffee, man thats great!


Haha I love your proof of comments!

the coffee looks awesome!


Its already a very good coffee but paying with crypto just makes it taste all the better

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Love it! Thanks for reaching out!

That's cool and everything, but when are they gonna draw the Steem logo into the foam? xP 😂

Also, 1.04 Steem for that?? It's like nice and fancy and European. I can't even buy coffee from a gas station for that price here. You know what you're doing.


Coffee is not expensive here....yet. The normal price for a cup is around 1 euro at any normal cafe. But yeah that will all change soon when our currency becomes worthless

It's awesome! Very good job! If I go sometime to Mallorca I'm pretty sure I'll go to this bar!!

I think this is so awesome that you have forward thinking business owners in Mallorca who will accept STEEM and other crypto for their services.