5 ways How STEEM MARINES are going to HELP STEEM

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A lot of you may feel, why should you care about this project. Today, I wanted to share some things on why STEEM MARINES is going to definitely add value to STEEM.

If you're new and are wondering what steem marines are, I highly recommend checking this post out

When it comes down to the golden rule, or golden question, "Do you add Value to Steem" I'm pretty sure every single one of us can give you a long list of reasons why our content adds value.

Now, I have constantly looked for ways to add value to steemit. Some of them good successes, some not so great.

But one thing is very clear at the end of the day, no one cares. And that's okay!

In fact, I'm hyped for being able to get this far, and try new things. That's what STEEM MARINES are for me. My latest new thing.

Seeing as I'm still in the support gathering stage, let's get into 5 reasons STEEM MARINES will help Steem.

1. Sharing what STEEM is

We're not advertising steemit. But STEEM.

We want to make everyone aware of why STEEM is awesome.

By incorporating STEEM into the lore and the heraldry of the STEEM MARINES, we're taking every single model and representing the STEEM Ecosystem.

So, when we're out there in locale stores with a high quality painted army and someone asks "What is that army about"

We will tell them about Steem!

When we kick our opponents asses and come out 1st place, WE WILL TELL THEM ABOUT STEEM.

When people look at our painting videos on youtube/dtube, WE WILL TELL THEM ABOUT STEEM.

When people go to their search engine and google "Custom Space Marines" WE WILL TELL THEM ABOUT STEEM.

When people sign up and see this as a trending post, WE WILL TELL THEM ABOUT STEEM.



2. Onboarding

Speaking of advertisements. I'd actually like to talk about the demography of the STEEM MARINES. I know you're getting tired of seeing STEEM MARINES in all caps, but it's important to know we're talking about the STEEM MARINES and not the STEEMIT MARINES.

So, your typical Warhammer 40k player is going to be ages 20 to 50. They are going to be usually well educated (You have to be to play warhammer40k)

They're most likely going to be tech savy, or have some if not entry level into tech. So they're probably going to understand what cryptocurrencies are. Some may even have a background in coding.

These people are going to be typically well established, with a high probability of having higher education and careers.

They are going to be calm and collected, friendly and knowledgeable.

These are people who have a strong sense of community and loyalty, with strong principles.

These are definitely people we want to be onboarding to the platform and exposing steem to. I think that the community, in general, can benefit greatly. Just like it can definitely be an opportunity for these potential users, as Steem has an excellent ecosystem.

I base this evaluation on about 2 years of running a Warhammer 40k discord server with about 600+ members, another 2 on Reddit, and about half of my life time going to hobby shops and socializing with other hobby enthusiasts.

3. Inspiration

Right now, It's not quite inspiring, I'm aware. We haven't even gotten some of the things we're going to need yet. But there will be a time where I will start producing the real content.

People will take a look at what I'm doing, and be inspired to do their own content lines, or find ways to put out genuinely interesting or beneficial content. Showcasing how the Steemit platform can reward engaging and interesting content is just going to hype people up to try harder.

4. Creating Opportunities

To reach the production quality that I'm imagining, we're going to need a collection of talent. Instead of offering post equity, which I think is immoral and speculative. I instead want to commission people of steemit to fill out things that we're going to need. Such as video editing and motion graphics, character design and concept art, Creative writers.

To get this project where it needs to be, I will be hiring within the Steem ecosystem. Creating opportunities for people on the inside, and making the ecosystem that much healthier.

5. A new community

We already know that Steem benefits from having different communities and gatherings.

Communities are gathering points of socializing. Nothing breeds oppurtunities better than people talking to people. Like-minded individuals talking and pooling ideas together to one day make their own contributions.

We see this in PAL and Steemspeak, I'm sure that they are a few more. But the idea is to grow and expand the ecosystem, spreading out and creating new places for ideas to grow. The Steem Marine discord is such a place, where people will be able to gather and influence content, but most of all socialize with each other. And we all have one thing in common.

We love Steem.

Want to become apart of this?

This is where the magic will be happening. Votes, news, content updates, exclusives will all be available at this discord server.


Everyone is welcome to join, but keep note that this will not be a channel to spam posts in.

This is very much a work in progress, but I have a very general idea of what it will all look like. Everyday I'm hard at work laying the foundation of what could possibly be one of the coolest things that steemit has ever seen.

Share your thoughts

Dialogue is completely open, share your opinions, what you think should happen, what I could do, anything. I will reply to your comments. The is one thing that I'm really looking for feedback.

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Our marines shall conquer the skies, spreading the glory of STEEM across the universe :)

I'm especially interested in #4 ;)
We'll see how good my 3D modelling skills become (and if I can get my hands on a computer with the capability to run Fusion360 and more haut-de-gamme modelling tools XD).

Ahhhh, I actually had no idea the scope was this large and was a means to expose outside viewers to Steem. I was already 100% but now I'm 10,000,000% in!


good work

I'm a nerd. This is nerd cool.


I am very much in agreement. Nerd cool plus ten.


Your support is greatly appreciated. Maybe you'll find supporter benefits very interesting. :D

Sure you're a Nerd, but maybe you want to be Lt.Nerd, who commands the elite minnowsupportus squad? xD

Stick around man, you might find this stuff mind blowing!

So instead of a techpriest you'll be a steempriest for the adeptus blockchainius then?


I have no idea of how to incorporate myself into this lore, and to be honest, I don't think I would really want to be. xD

I want the community to be the army, I want the large supporters to be the command figures in this army.

I'd say it would be the Steemdeptes Blockchainicum :D

Cool post - the pictures are extremely cool. I had no clue however what Warhammer is ;-)

This is fantastic! STEEM MARINES! I would like to invite this concept and niche into a community we are trying to grow #MinnowMilitia I would like to provide a specific space you can network with other steemians interested in this concept. @malicered together we can conquer.
Discord https://discord.gg/x7Tnk9

Very basic rules, for steemians, the helpful topic are made for growing

Thank you for this information and guidance to which you will benefit a lot and make sure you are content

The double-headed eagle is a symbol of Empire, and the straight wing edge calls to mind the Nazi eagle. Clearly this is a project to bring about some kind of fascistic Steem empire through military force...

thanks for your post. dear my friends, please please please Look At My Post and So that everyone can see... https://steemit.com/life/@jonbee/one-downside-of-steemit-com-is-the-downvoting-flagging-on-a-post

Today, the highest gainer – according to CoinMarketCap – is Steem (STEEM), which is currently trading at $5.64. That’s a 30.18% increase from its 24-hour-ago price

Highly inspiring and informative,good work am a full time steemian

It is about making you think from a different perspective..
It is about writing without any expectations of UPVOTES..
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

my xp very low sir..i do not know what i do my xp level ar low
plz plz plz sir help me.. @ malicered flow my xp sir plz sir help me

I got pretty excited when I read the headline, we may very well want to form our own decentralized paramilitary force.

information and postig good, this can motivate me, the new in steemin to be more advanced, thank you for sharing, hopefully more successful friends🙏

Very good post .. Can add knowledge and motivate. Thank you for sharing @malicered

I'm in! 100% upvote and following you now!

Why is Discord being used for discussion instead of SteemIt or SteemChat?


My guess is because Discord is a better integrated communication platform in general and allows incredibly easy private messaging channels, multiple server channels and sub channels/categories, video and audio chat, better organization, etc. etc... It is just a better way to organize projects in my humble and non-expert opinion. SteemChat does not have as many capabilities. Maybe if Steemchat were more developed and beefed up then projects like this might use it more often, but right now many are using Discord to organize and develop their Steemit communities because it works so well. :)


Steemit.Chat no longer even allows for new channels...

@malicered, the link is broken, it redirects to this post not the one it should

If you're new and are wondering what steem marines are, I highly recommend checking this post out


Hey there, I fixed it. Just got back now. Thanks for letting me know!


My pleasure @malicered
Congratulation on your project! I'll be following it closely

it is altogether informative publish then i want in conformity with be aware of more respecting Steam durability.
Thank you very much sir !!

I am agree with your opinion and I mean steemians got very enjoy by informative blog,video,music.
Thank you very much

I am self-teaching to code and program. I WISH I was already there, but alas, I need to sleep sometimes in between work stuff and kids and other commitments. Want to contribute to this so badly. In the meantime, I will be following development and can't wait to see where this goes. Your ideas are excellent, I'm totally in!

The link in the beginning redirects back to this post. I guess you tried linking to this one: https://steemit.com/steem/@malicered/steem-marines-everything-you-need-to-know.

By any means it's the strangest STEEM it support project I've met since I joined back in June, 2017... but it's also the COOLEST one! I would have missed it if @aggroed didn't re-steemed it on his wall.

I'd say I'm a level 1 a board and RPG game fan. Would be cool if one day I test my skills with the STEEM Marines on the Warhammer 40k map.

Damn, I admire your enthusiasm. Resteemed.

this is very informative post and i want to know more about Steam Marines...

I would be totally on board if it weren’t for the totally uneccessary Nazi-chic logo.

Great way to bait members of the Alt-Right though...


The logo is based on a standard Marine logo in the Warhammer40K universe.

An eagle is a symbol of power used by America long before the murderous psychos used it to decorate their propaganda.

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didn't know what is this, i'm going to check the post you linked, seems interesting!

Happy with steemit

relay good post for steem

Good initiative to bring on new people while doing you passion.

Good luck with it and continue your good work!

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great post.thanks for sharing.
please carry on....

Steem for the Steem throne!