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RE: Planning to meet Dan Larimer in Person soon

in #steemlast year

I'm really disappointed when closed seven77 challenge on Twitter. It was made huge waves about steem around the world through Twitter. But I hope about new project you'll build next bridge steem+ eos. With your temporary leaving on Twitter and Steem felt some voids. But steemians can keep hope with your new projects. See you soon with new updates. Cheers @nathanmars


I can totally understand why many STEEMians are disappointed with closing Seven77 Twitter Challenge

Honestly I thought deeply about continuing the challenge and spend many days thinking long term impact of this movement. Finally I came to conclusion that it better to end this challenge and focusing building bridge between EOS & STEEM

I’m forever grateful your continuous contribution in my own STEEM journey and I’ll keep everyone with my next steps

It's sad to see you power down, and the activity of seven77 stopped.

Looking forward to your thinking about EOS and STEEM, thank you.

I'm totally destroyed bruh .. This community just fuck me ..

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