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RE: Introducing Let's Eat a Restaurant/Cafe Review Application for the Steem Blockchain

in #steem6 years ago

You did it while in Lisbon, huh? My city is really the best! :P
I was wondering if you know Zomato, another restaurant review app. I worked for them some years ago and it is almost the same (except zomato doesnt have the payment per review). Following and thinking about downloading it :)


Lisbon is great. I had such a wonderful time. I hope you try let's Eat and if you have insights to share from your time at Zomato I would love to hear them too.

do let's eat have any website where i can use it from my computer?

That is on the roadmap, we are working on it. I see you make some food reviews with steepshot, that's a great app too to use for doing reviews. I'll keep you posted.

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