Introducing Let's Eat a Restaurant/Cafe Review Application for the Steem Blockchain

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I am pleased to announce to the Steem Community a project I have been working on since Lisbon.

Let's Eat is an android mobile application for the Steem Blockchain that helps you find and share places to eat on the go.

Food Reviews on the Steem Blockchain!

Let's Eat is available for download from the play store

About Me (@eroche)

I have been a passionate traveller and explorer for as long as I can remember. I have brought the Culture Vulture Challenge to Steemit and one of my first series of posts was a series on my Travel experiences around the world.


Food has always been a big part of my travel experiences. From Churros in Spain, Waffles in Belgium, Mezze in Lebanon and Sushi in Japan, I love good food and I write about it on Steem. When I travel I never choose to have breakfast in the hotel I am staying. Every trip is a chance to discover something new.

With Let's Eat I want to bring more food reviews to Steem and enhance the discovery experience.


There are already great food reviews on Steem/it already but they are not always easy to find. Let's Eat makes it easier to post and browse food reviews on the go.

Let's Eat users:

  • are incentivised to produce high quality reviews
  • can discover places to eat near them
  • can earn Steem from the Steem Community for their Reviews

Posting is made effortless with posting templates. Browsing reviews on the go is with a map view and locator. You will find nearby places and reviews that have been posted on Steem.

Bringing Steem to New Users

Not only will this app appeal to existing Steemians but it will make Steem more accessible for a wider audience! Anyone can use the app you don't even need a Steem account to use it to find nearby places.

Is this another Yelp or TripAdvisor?

This app is about food reviews; restaurants, cafes, delis even street stalls but this app is fundamentally different than existing products.
The motivation is to create a new technology that enables people to benefit from the features of a decentralised Blockchain.

Beta Features

The version I am launching today is a beta. We plan to develop this offering over time and while the first version does not include all the bells and whistles, it is fun to use and already really useful.

  • You can track your review posts and see how much you have earned.
  • You can discover places near you.
  • You can compose posts including photos and finish them later.

Do I need a Let's Eat account?

You can use the app without an account but if you wish to post you will need to sign into Let's Eat with your Steem Account via Steemconnect.
As the number of apps on Steem grows you may find your feed becomes full of different types of posts, My approach to this is to set up separate Steem accounts for different audiences. I am going to use for posting about my food experiences but Let's Eat will work with any account and because login is via Steemconnect you can be assured we never store or see your passwords.

Take a quick tour of Let's Eat with with this demo video

To get an overview of the app you can watch the demo video on the play store.

Try Let's Eat today

Give it a try today, You can download it for free without needing to log in. If you want to make a post you can use your main account or set up a dedicated one on
Please note your active key is necessary for signing in to Let's Eat via Steemconnect.


This is a work in progress so there may be beta bugs, but together we will build the best blockchain food discovery app on Steem!

Please let me know what you think, what works what doesn't work, features you would like to see in future versions. Be honest and we will build this app together to benefit the Steem community.


Over the next few days I will post some tutorials covering different aspects of the app so stay tuned, follow @letseat and we will explore the features of the app together.
We hope you enjoy Let's Eat, please recommend it to your friends and star it on the play store.

Happy Eating!


Great idea.

Thanks ;)

Well done, great post
Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience..

Another great application using Steem! I actually made a post about a really nice lunch restaurant in January that I would actually like use as a basis for making review using this app. Great work!

By the way, this is a brilliant way to incentivize restaurants to create a Steem account, too. If a restaurant makes a Steem account and buys Steem Power they can upvote the positive reviews. :D Of course, they might risk a scandal if they did not do it anonymously and even then if they do it too brazenly. :D

But whatever creates buying pressure on STEEM is a great thing!

I didn't even thought about that scenario. All for the love of steem maybe? Hahahaha

This is a nice idea. Can you share an image of how a review posted in the App will appear in steemit web?

Sure thing, check out the tag #letseat for some examples. Just to make the point this is the first version, I am open to suggestions and feedback on how you would like it to appear.

Super cool and very well done! Thanks for sharing!

Good idea! It needs a iOS version.

Came here to ask pretty much this. Is there plans for an iOS version @eroche?

You did it while in Lisbon, huh? My city is really the best! :P
I was wondering if you know Zomato, another restaurant review app. I worked for them some years ago and it is almost the same (except zomato doesnt have the payment per review). Following and thinking about downloading it :)

Lisbon is great. I had such a wonderful time. I hope you try let's Eat and if you have insights to share from your time at Zomato I would love to hear them too.

do let's eat have any website where i can use it from my computer?

That is on the roadmap, we are working on it. I see you make some food reviews with steepshot, that's a great app too to use for doing reviews. I'll keep you posted.

Congrats! Good luck with this. I'm gonna try it and see what I can add in regards to Hanoi.

I'll have to visit Hanoi to try out the places you review 😀 it's on the list

I just posted a review. I'm gonna have fun with the app.

great app, I used to review food at any places I visited using google map local guide. its time to do on steem.

its time to do on steem.

It sure is let's do it. Steem on.

This is great! I often provide updates of eateries and would def contribute and use this wonderful app.

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