My First Steemit Anniversary

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One Down, Many More to Go!

Happy One Year Anniversary to My Boo Steemit! 

I joined the Steemit community in July of last year, shortly after it launched and had no prior experience with crypto currency. I learned a lot from this first year of really diving into the world of crypto currency, learning about bitcoin, and other altcoins. Although I haven't been as active as I would have liked, with my first year down I see nothing but a long committed relationship with Steem. I harbored some guilt about not being more involved in the Steem community through out the last year, especially with my boyfriend, an avid Steem blogger and crypto enthusiast in my ear telling me to post. However, I'm vowing to be an active presence in this community moving forward. 

This is Just the Beginning

Steemit is growing and I intend to grow with it! I may have missed out on a lot of  earnings this year just by getting caught up in the mundane tasks of everyday life, college, work, traveling, etc. Posting to Steemit somehow became more and more of a daunting task. I would procrastinate for weeks and eventually convince myself that posting was a waste of time, unless I had a really well thought out post that I felt would grab people's attention and get votes but as I witnessed my boyfriend and friends posting on steemit, making money and getting up votes on posts of a wide variety and realized I've been doing it all wrong. I was being so overly critical that I lost out on opportunities for upvotes by not posting at all.  I decided now that I actually have the time to post I will and even if it only makes a couple cents thats fine by me...shoot even if I don't make anything that's okay. The important thing is to not give up because every post is an opportunity!

Goals for My Second Year


Have you celebrated your Steemit Anniversary? Share when your anniversary is and what you learned so far from your time on steemit in the comments.

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congratulations, you are a early bird.

1 year! Wow congrats! Im not even to a full month yet lol


Though im not to a year yet, i have learned alot in a month; especially how even though the creators seem to try and prevent bots from getting in steemit.... lots of people seem to use comment bots (the ones that post "great content insert name" on all your comments)

Wow congrats! Coincidentally it's my first day here! Can't wait to start publishing! Have given much thought to what I'd like to curate on here in the time it took to get approved :P

It's less daunting when you don't strive for perfection all the time :D <3

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If I joined Steemit when you joined... I would have been earning millions by now... Anyways. Congrats.... My anniversary will be with fellow steemians across the Pacific


I guess, had I used it more I would be too! :D

Congrats! I just realized mine's coming up soon as well :) I feel like I joined two months ago though, as that's when I started participating like crazy. I had a similar experience, and wasn't willing to put myself out there enough on steemit. But now that's all changed, and I've learnt a lot in these last few months from just going for it :) Great post!