Some questions on mining steem;from someone who knows much about mining but for the most part missed the boat on mining btc

in steem •  3 years ago

Mining steem is still very new,as is the platform itself.I am seeking to upgrade my computer to a serious gaming rig and was wondering if it could also do well mining steem;is mining steem denominated in kh/s or gh/s?The topic is not very well covered but I know that the majority of block rewards go to posts and im sure that im not the only one this post and clarification could help.Any links would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers to the future of the blockchain.


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Make an account on Steemit Chat and join the mining channel. Some info while I'm here, There is only a CPU miner atm and you will be mining Steem Power. You can also use this post to inform yourself a bit better if you have any questions:

I would like to join you

Do you use steemit chat flysky