[en/kr] There was a big order mistake in STEEM at the Binance. / 바이낸스에서 STEEM의 큰 주문실수가 있었던 것 같습니다.

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There was a big order mistake in STEEM at the Binance.

On January 26 at 2:30 PM UTC, about 600,000 STEEMs were traded for at least 1,100 Satoshi within a minute. At that time, the price of STEEM was about 9,500 Satoshi.

There seems to be no particular problem such as checking a wallet.

If there was an order mistake, not self-trade, it would be a pity.

See Binance's chart.



바이낸스에서 STEEM의 큰 주문실수가 있었던 것 같습니다.

1월 26일 오후 11시 반경에, 1분안에 약 60만 STEEM이 최저 1,100사토시로 거래되었습니다. 당시 시가는 9,500사토시 수준이었습니다.

지갑점검 같은 특별한 이슈는 전혀 없는 걸로 보입니다.

자전거래가 아니라 주문실수가 있었다면, 유감스러운 일일 것입니다.

바이낸스의 차트를 참고하시길 바랍니다.

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It could also mean a big dump, this is really nothing new to Steem, the usual pattern is a big account holder of Steem waits for a reasonable rise of Steem and market dumps, taking the order towards the point where it gets filled...

I won't be surprise if the above is the issue...

Added to that the token metrics is still not settle out, if Steem is to maintain any sort high price, it needs SBD debt ratio much lower and trading higher, we just have two down sloping selling pressure on two assets, Steem users on the platform are natural sellers and with increasing debt of 10% its more downward selling pressure on SBD as well. What should have been done is keeping to debt ratio relatively low (3 to 5%) and using SBD on the internal exchange as a way of buying up the supply of Steem. Combined that with hodling, it would shift the graph higher, folks would naturally want to power up as they see strength, its a reinforcing nature but we seem more concern on the platform on cashing out than the actual value of any of the tokens

Great. I generally agree.

The above issues (whether a dump or an order mistake, or whatever) do not matter. However, I have accepted that this is not a good signal since the Bithumb-led STEEM upturn has recently declined.

As you say, the STEEM ecosystem is somewhat unstable due to SBD Debt Ratio problems.

I have been analyzing SBD Debt Ratio and bidbot related issues from time to time.

The SBD Debt Ratio has its own limitations, such as the upper limit for short-term prescriptions.

But in the end, it seems that STEEM's fundamentals need to be improved to solve them.

Rewards pools are so distorted because of the numerous bidbots, voting circles, and so on.

In this situation, STEEM is difficult to rise.

STEEM would be just like any PoS coin if there is no innovative action to fundamentally control the rewards pool as a joint well and abuse of reward pools.

SBD demand creation must be done outside the bidbot.

Thank you for your good feedback.

Steem can only sustain a high price with SBD trading much higher than a dollar and its debt ratio kept within the 3-5% range, this would encourage more hodling of SBD further lifting the price which can then be used on the internal exchange to soak up the excess Steem supply and thereby positive impact the external exchange via declining supply but those trading on the internal exchange must take some temporary pain...

This is the only way I really see Steem sustaining any sort of rally

곰돌이가 @lostmine27님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.014을 보팅해서 $0.009을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 2821번 $34.476을 보팅해서 $35.090을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

헉. 저게 주문실수면... 그런데 바이낸스면 꽤 호가창이 두꺼울텐데 저걸 뚫고 내려가다니 신기합니다.

네. 과거에 바이낸스에서 API사용하는 거래자들의 보안 유출 등으로 인해 종종 이런 일이 있었긴 했는데요. 이 건은 어떤 이유인지 모르지만, 금액적으로는 작아서인지 별 이슈가 안되었네요.

좋은시간 보내세요.


네 금액으로는 그리 크진 않겠지만 모양새로는 좀 그렇죠.
마침 STEEM의 단기상승세가 끝난 이후라서, 그다지 좋은 신호로 보이지는 않았습니다.

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