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Ive noticed a few things, on the steem blockchain and on its side platforms. Its the notion of community building.
At first glance its a simple concept. Bring a few people together and do stuff in a mutually beneficial cooperative way.

This would be very similar to what we have IRL, called a political party. A political party would actually be the closest thing imo to what we have on the Steem blockchain..
On a blockchain that praises itself in being decentralized, it has some very centralized aspects. It seems that human nature always leads to centralization of thought, ideas, power no matter from which point you might start.

You get a founder that holds the most power and respect, in turn will earn most (or close to that). The thing here being is that you want your community leader to thrive. You cheer him on. You can be friends with him or you might have one of those tyrannical egoists that you have to tiptoe around out of fear.
Now if this was just a "chat room" and money wasnt involved, it would be ridiculous to even discuss this. But money legitimizes everything so the hierarchical structure of certain groups show, in my mind, that whatever starting point you have, power, wealth, influence always ends up centralized.

Is this a good thing or a bad one? Its situational in my opinion. There are those that carry real value and should be thriving and there are those in the opposite camp.
Making a right decision as an individual is extremely important in this case....
Because, yes, money is involved..

You wouldnt want to help a Dbag make money on you and get nothing back


Few thoughts and a limerick at the end. :D

There once was a man from Peru,
Who had a lot of growing up to do.
He'd ring a doorbell,
then run like hell,
Until the owner shot him with a .22


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It's always need to be make a community ..
And I will have to say this post is totally dependent on steemit or related steemit because steemit it is a place of making community in this community everyone needs to know on everyone needs to support everyone is to comment because without the support of a community steemit it is just not imaginable.
Without steam Unity you will get never success in any social media sites because social media website always need a community to communicate properly if you say out of social media websites community is always useful on every purposes so you're throwing a very good idea I really appreciate you and it's too motivating bro..