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Hello there! We would like to present you a very powerful yet simple tool. Yes, it is just a thumbnail swapper. But, wait a minute? Cannot we change the thumbnail of our posts?...

Well... yes and no!

Most STEEM frontends out there will just pick the first image of your post as thumbnail. This is, needless to say, not very convenient as most of you already know.

Take, for instance, or editors, and try to have a specific external image (not included in the post body) as thumbnail.

Not such an option :(

As a consequence, often we are unnecessarily forced to have an extra image in our post body just to serve as thumbnail.

Well, if this is your case, we have a solution for you now:

  • Load the post you want to have its thumbnail swapped by inserting its post URL in the first text input field (if you are logged in you can just click "load last post")

  • Load the thumbnail image URL you would like to use as thumbnail

  • Confirm that the picture is really the one you want by checking the preview

  • Click at swap button and wait for SteemConnect window to popup.


Will only work with relatively short posts! Max post length should not surpass 2000 characters.

Reason for this is the URI max-length limitation most browsers enforce (SteemConnect signing flow uses URI encoding).

For reference: This post had its thumbnail swapped and worked fine.

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Oh and I also realised that if you have created a post and sequentially as you read it the first image matches the text , but you don't want it as your thumbnail, but a picture later on in the piece...
this is freaking perfect. Thank you

Thanks for the feedback! I hope some people will find it useful ^^

This looks like the first image of your post 🤔

Updated ^^
Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 22.37.10.png

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Thanks you.



Interesting!!! I pretty careful making sure that the first image is the right one in the first place but I hate it when people accidentally put a page divider or something as their thumbnail because it looks shit. So this would be great for them xx

Nice idea. Simple but really useful

Thanks for the post.




did you call me?

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