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RE: Consensus Reached for Hardfork 17+18! The New Features are Yours on Thursday, March 30th at 11am EST!

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Are there any changes to four post daily limit, and will there be some info on it?


Thinking that will happen with the upcoming steemit upgrade or hardfork!
Nice Question in your comment! Hope you find additional answers!

I would like to thank all of you who express support for this question with a special “Hardforking” edition of a B(lock)C(hain) comic

Thank You All!

Greatness! Let's visit!

4 post limit is gone.

As the OP says, all of the original HF17 is in HF18, except the split to comment pool. This means no more 4 post limit. (if I remember correctly)

  • Plus all previous HF 17 updates