Support For @steemchiller And Upvote, Resteem And Donate For Development On The Steem Blockchain!

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Hello dear Steemians,

I would like to remind you to support @steemchiller with an 100% upvote and with a resteem.

He does an amazing one man job with where you can manage and monitor nearly all things which a steemian has to do like for example delegations, incoming rewards, followers and a ton stuff more.

Donations to @steemchiller are appreciated too. Help him to cover his costs and reward him for his dedicated work on the steem blockchain.

If you do not know you really should check that cool tool out.

Here you will find his latest supporting post:

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Ich unterstütze ihn immer sehr gerne! Bekommt er die Rewards aus diesem Post dann auch?

Nein. Von diesem Post nicht gezielt, würde sonst dabei stehen ;-)
Ich spende regelmässig Steem oder SBD.

I sponsored him 10 SBI shares last week because well he deserves it.

Oh that is vey cool. Thank you.

Diesem Appell kann ich mich nur anschließen. Steemworld ist eines meiner drei am häufigsten genutzen Tools. Die Top 3 liegen da weit vor allen anderen...
Resteeme ich natürlich!

Thanks for the info, I will read

Welcome and thanks for support :-)

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I would be struggling here as a newbie if it wasn't for @broncnutz turning me on to @steemchiller and steemworld.