How to Delegate STEEM Power to your Friend or Favorite Bot in 30 SECONDS!

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This quick guide will walk you through delegating part of your SP to a buddy or favorite bot that you know are doing God's work. It's super easy and you're able to get your SP back whenever you want (it's instantaneously given, it takes 7 days when recouping lent SP).

I wrote a guide on "How to lend out your STEEM Power and earn interest on it back!". Check it out!

OK, so you know you're going to be off the Steemit platform for a month or two. Why not put all of your SP to good use while you're gone?

You can delegate it to a bot you love or a friend that you know who curates great content.

In this guide, I'm going to show you how to delegate 500 SP to my great friend @mtnmeadowmomma (Go follow her) (Now). Delegation should take about 30 seconds of your time to complete! (which is a LOT longer than it takes to follow her and I, c'mon!)

1.Go to this link. It will use the highly secure SteemConnect app to delegate the SP. Insert your name as the DELEGATOR, the recipients name as the DELEGATEE, and how much SP you want to lend. Don't worry about lending VESTs unless you like to do a lot of math...!


2.Click Continue


3.Input your Master Password. (Always ensure the URL in your browser says '' before putting your password in any browser)


4.COMPLETE! Success! I told you it was easy!


This is what it would look like on the blockchain:


This is what my wallet will look like:


This is what her wallet will look like:


5.When you get back from vacation, go back to the same link as above.. Insert the same usernames except change the value to 0 and click through to recoop your SP.


Any questions? Looking to earn a little interest when lending out that SP? Click on my next article, "How to lend out your STEEM Power and earn interest on it back!"

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I always wondered how that was done thanks for the information @libertylol

It's nice to have someone that I know and trust writing these Steemit tutorials so I can reference them with confidence later :))) plus you're just awesome for the delegation too!

Do you have to use the master key?

You cannot use the active key instead?

I believe you can use your master password or Active Private Key, both should work.

very nice info which is good for all to know. delegating sp is great especially as you asserted many folks do take time off and not good to leave such wasting. lets keep in touch mate. good post. upped