What Steem needs to do to make me (actively) witness again

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Nothing new here, I've been saying this stuff for a long time now. But, I'll keep this as a brief summary.

  • Cancel SBD. Execute a one-time conversion to STEEM for remaining SBD.
  • Cancel the common reward pool*.
  • Reduce inflation to <2%.
  • Reduce STEEM POWER lock-in period to the minimum required. (7 days?)

Simple. There's many more, but I'll cover the bare essentials for starters.

*Build SMT & Communities, offer a user-friendly turnkey solution for people to start their own communities and tokens. Make STEEM a utility token to power said SMTs. The current reward pool can transition to being a legacy SMT.

Yes, I'm well aware this will take time, and also of the downsides. That's my personal bias, I'd rather see a functional social network than short-term higher price.

Of course, I have no expectations that my requests will ever be met, but I'm just expressing my opinion for no good reason.


We first need to collect ideas like urs. Then debate about em and work em out.

Have you seen my Steem Proposal?

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Unfortunately, my ideas are very unpopular. I'm probably the only witness that rejected HF21, and that speaks volumes. So, I'll move on, just generally share my opinion here wherever I feel like.

Just moving on doing nothing wont help us.
You were one of few witnesses but believe me, many people think similar..
Maybe they wouldn't do the exact same changes as you.. but we need a place to debate about exactly these topics..

I'm really hoping we can push forward to a decentralized community/ dev tool..

Your disabled witness will have my vote for rejecting 21! Thanks for your resoluteness.

Agree on canceling SBD, because it adds too much complexity, risk and inflation and has almost no benefits. Also reducing the inflation and replacing the reward pool by SMTs sounds reasonable in the long run.

I am pretty much with you on all this. The reward pool has been like a irresistible pot of honey to all kinds of scammers. Communities would be a better way to moderate.

I mean you took out what, like 500k Steem when you powered down... You obviously want to be a part of the community and a factor again so why not just buy back in a bit at these low prices to have greater influence then with 800 SP you have now.
You havent given up on Steem, obviously, but you dont want to show it.

Steem needs straight shooting guys like you that can influence things and you aint doing any of that with your minnow account.

Just saying...

Yes, obviously, I haven't given up on Steem just yet, which is why I made this post. However, to convince me to power up, the network would also have to adopt the above few points. The key change required is the shorter power down, from an investment perspective. Being locked in for 3 months on a volatile asset is financial suicide - I learned this the hard way in early 2018, and will never make the mistake again.

Sure. Shorter powerdown i agree with. A number of us have been discussing it actively.
But as a minnow you cant influence anything. I cant as a dolphin.
But guys like Dan and Kevin can.
Why? Because they have the SP.
They influence code change. Have a say with devs and steemit.inc directly.

So youll either need to wave it in steemit inc face that you will buy in whatever amount if they change that or actually do it and push for the change with dan, kevin and those guys.

Those changes wont be easy to come by since hf21 was already a investor targeted hard fork.

But as a minnow... I really dont think your words here are even being considered especially since when a whale powers down, thats perceived as giving up on the project.

You're right, of course. I'm well aware that my words are ignored, and I actually mentioned exactly that in the last paragraph of my post.

That's fine. I'll take my words to platforms where I do feel listened to, irrespective of how rich I am.

Yep, its a fucked up thing that your word is only as important as your wallet size.

This sounds like a steem world we could really get behind, until then we will continue to add our content gradually, with this implemented we would create a community and post far more regularly, thank you

Yes, keep it up! Maybe some day we'll get there.

We will, and thank you.

I'd hope you'd add to this list limiting duration of witness votes. There are over 1 million Steem accounts and a few thousand of them are active presently. All witness votes from abandoned accounts will continue to support the witnesses they were cast for prior to those accounts being abandoned forever.


This has been discussed a couple of times before, but the conclusion each time has been that expiring votes a) pose a security risk. I.e. whales go on a vacation, forget to vote every X days etc; and more importantly, b) stakeholders should have the right to vote however they want. Various solutions have been discussed, if there's a good one proposed, I'd support it. But it's not top of my list right now. I have to say that DPoS is trash, but unfortunately, replacing that is a really tall order. So, I'm being more reasonable here and just asking for more pressing changes.

PS: You can follow the discussion here: https://github.com/steemit/steem/issues/953

You are indeed far more reasonable in your demands than am I.

However, the claim that expiring votes is a security risk seems facile, and the fact that content is not evergreen seems to establish that such control of votes is not difficult to effect. I don't doubt that it has been put forward, but doubt less it could be trivially done.

Regardless, you didn't do it, aren't responsible for it, and certainly have a better grasp of the issue than I.

Agree with you completely, I would also add one more - easier onboarding. My friend was waiting for about 3 weeks to get profile and that was a month ago. It's a shame for user experience

Unfortunately, this is Steemit's problem. Not much can be done from the Steem blockchain side.