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RE: Excited about TRON&Steem/Steemit collaboration

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Welcome, I'm glad to see Tron's resources behind Steem now. However, to align with "interests of the Steem community" and "keep the core value of decentralisation", you'll have to cancel the swap. Maintain status quo on the Steem chain, let it develop independently. Of course, you have invested in it, so definitely build interop bridges with Tron and in the long term even integrate Steem with Tron, but please make this a gradual thing that happens over years. Not a sudden token swap.

PS: Editing this a day later, post live stream. Thank you for listening and taking the correct decision. My final thoughts are here.


We have yet to see a thorough analysis of the benefits of all the options. They need to be presented to allow stakeholders to discuss and choose. Ideally, Justin understands the anarcho principles that drew many of the community here together in the first place. If not, Justin, I suggest studying the idea of 'no rulers' that underpins the system. :)

Here’s an idea.... To encourage TRON people to get on Steemit how about a Steem airdrop ? ..... .10 Steem fo every TRX we hold. @justinsunsteemit

I agree with you bro...

It’s at least something he should consult with the community about. The more he listens to us, the more of us are likely to stay. Money Incentives will keep a few of us but if he wants what he is paying for he should make sure we don’t erase a lot of the good developments we’ve made and undermine some of the people who’ve been great gatekeepers who kept spam and reward pool abuse away, as well as those who put so much time and effort into community and content

he will combine steem and tron like this guy pineapple and pen

Im not sure this will work out :)


42 cents for a 0-word post, not bad! Maybe the Steem blockchain experiment is working, after all?!

What are you saying... PPAP was an absolute HIT and continues to be ... 🖋🍍🍎🖋 4 eva...


meow i want pineapple thx :P

Hahaha. Well at least we will get some laughs out of it

in the longrun, if steem is proven to be a decentralized platform/social media, money and attention will flow in like crazy. it'll be bigger than anything justin by himself can bring to the table. but for the longest time, steem was more centralized around ned than fb is to zuckerberg. i'm just curious if justin can change that. (doubts seeping in seeing him controling most of super representatives on tron and dlive policies talking about community guidelines like google..)
i wanna know if justin can prove me wrong.

thanks to justin for not being hostile on his first live communication attempt with the steem community. i hope he continues to read the comments and maybe there could be mutual respect.

ned was a meme. he set the bar extremely low, but i hope justin can be reasonable with the existing userbase that remain loyal to the steem blockchain, not a website.

I think that Steem is not centralized mainly around Ned, but around the whales. The center of the activity is also around them.

I said "was". Ned WAS the biggest whale. Now its justin. We have to wait and see if hes gonna be a dictator or a facilitator.

at the very least it could disrupt the status quo where the same six or seven people + steemit have been laying down the law for years now ...
time will tell , but i assume no one has any delusions about the fact that

just like most of 'us' downhere

they're first of all in it for the money, right ... second maybe world domination ... eos voice might tear their pants with the proclamation that they're 'going up against facebook' (lol, not even google could take even a chunk away with all its billions and supreme strategies) ... and also ..

from what little i have read and seen i feel mister Sun is way better in the marketing department than the current protectorate here...

im seriously curious to see where that is going

I think it's something of a joke to think that Steem could represent a real challenge to Facebook.

The minds platform resembles the experience of Facebook much closer, has a similar promise of rewards for contributing to the forum, and even both combined user bases doesn't even make a dent in Facebook.

i doubt steemit could make a dent the way it is ... but it's actually Eos / Voice claiming to go after facebook and mister Justin Sun announcing a big announcement on the day the announced themselves and then this happens ... so best guess is he wants something against what he maybe sees as one of his big rivals and this thing here is already well-developed (software-wise) and probably came at a bargain , lol, but i doubt we'll ever see the details of that deal in public in the land of decentralization-mythos , in the end the only decentralized thing is still the classic chains with their thousands of nodes but even there its a select group developing.

IF and thats if steemit were an actual 'thing' and it would be anything to facebook, not even a threat, then zuck would have bid on it, just like he did instagram

the fact that he never even blinks at it says plenty ...

Atari (back in 'the day) killed themselves trying to be Sony or Nintendo while they simply could have been Atari

competitive psychopaths (i think they call them CEO's or something) can be freakishly weird people with strange notions about winning to the point of self-destruction (with ample collateral damage :)

Agreed, I know it's not accurate to conflate steem with steemit, dtube and all but you seem to have caught the intent.

Though, I believe that Zuck had no interest in an established crypto token that was decentralized and open source. He had made a statement (or more) about making a facebook coin (not sure what happened since), that goal implies that, rather than buying something that would be open, that he was going to create his own coin tied to facebook in that sense would crush the intent of steemit (and minds).

Good observation, this site is by the whales for whales, and every decision I've seen from the top has been to benefit the whales, even at the expense of minnows experience with the platform.

Then, out of the other side of their face, the whales talk about how to appeal to more minnows to come and post and bring value, but they clearly don't want their share of profits to go down that would be required to keep minnows posting.

would it be possible to create some sort of a (crosschain) atomic swap process between tron and steem? where users can freely trade them in a decentralized manner?

it's probably much harder to implement compared to a single token swap event on poloniex, but in the long term, it could trigger an actual fusion of communities without the chaos of a forced migration.

Yes, should be possible to have an interop bridge.

Keep the chains separate. I dumped my text specifically to get away from Justin Suns antics that kept manipulating trx market down.

Yeah the swap thing is the deal breaker for me! That's the main issue!!

can hardly say any of the neo-chains are decentralized at all ... unless you call 20 (voting) witnesses of which maybe seven trade places at the top + one company developing a de-centralized system. It's like euh
less people in the government deciding

@justinsunsteemit : i think there's one that absolutely needs doing : to cap the max supply ... its mathematically impossible to hold dollar value on to something that will eventually surpass the total amount of dollars in the world and at the end of the day i buy me a sandwich in euros, your local whale buys a local lambo with dollar ...

as for the rest : ... steemit is not steem , so ... the whole downvote-system is crooked, you just need to 'own more' and that makes you more right but im long done wasting breath on that ...

'the community' ... sounds nice but you might find it less interactive and responsive than expected after a while, however if there's something to be had maybe , like google would hand out cash for people who found and documented proof of bugs in chrome ...

good luck, what's the hidden agenda ? billionnaires don't just come in to save the day out of altruism ... :) not in the world, and that's where we are ... suddenly right after the announcement of eos voice and your anouncement that there would be major news. Assuming you and the eos-folk dont really get it off too well, shacking up with Ned and the gang, who probably doesnt get it off too well with Larrimer ...

that's speculation, and its rhetorical anyway. If anything im glad to see a real player on the steemitboard ... i eagerly await whatever comes of it

Here’s an idea.... To encourage TRON people to get on Steemit how about a Steem airdrop ? ..... .10 Steem fo every TRX we hold. @justinsunsteemit

They announced they would do this when they first announced the swap to the new Steem token on Tron. Of course, the swap is now postponed, but I think we'll still see the Tron airdrop at some point...

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