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The Expected Day is in Here...!


Early at morning we started with the fixes, we went to the plaza and Oliver wan is in there with Catalina to start working.
@Lotusleaf joined the work and I was more than happy to start this end part of the project that cost me so much to achieve.
It was not only about fixing wood games, was about encouraging a Community to be in the knowledge that they can do what they wanted to do and in this case with the Fundition support ;)

Anyway... we started and here is part of the process!

The first thing we wanted to do is to remove the old and rusty hooks for the new chains that will be added later.


(First let's take some tools from Oliver's House to the Plaza)





Now it's time to remove all the Old Rusty hooks and this time Oliver will be in charge of this!







Steemians! keep on tuned because we have a LOT of work to DO! ;)

This Project is Supported by @SNDbox and @Fundition

Are you in?

Join the Steem 4 the Kids Plaza.


And by the way...

as you maybe know @steemitblog is giving a great chance to Nominate Steemians that maybe deserves to go to the SteemFest. In my situation and only if you believe I deserve it could be great to have your nomination.

You only will need to paste an answer and here is the sample (note you can also add the Steemians you want in there!)

Must say that this could be a great chance for me to keep on promoting the Chain in they way it shoulds!
So if you like the idea just Copy the text below and paste it as a comment in here

A. I suggest that these great creators should win a trip to SteemFest Krakow

Music / Performing arts 1: @...
Music / Performing arts 2: @...
Stand up Comedian / Spoken word: @...
Art: @leotrap

B. For the wildcard free tickets to SteemFest Raffle for anyone pick between::

Select the Right one (1 or 2) in here!
  1. Please count me in for this raffle too! I’d love to win airfare, accommodations and tickets to SteemFest.
  2. Please do not add me to this raffle, I cannot make it to Krakow this year.

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Hey pretty cool man, restoring things is always great. Be well bro.

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muy buen blog espero que sigas mejorando tus blogs


muy buena respuesta espero que sigas mejorando tus respuestas


gracias amigo

Good luck with the work @leotrap!


My pleasure!