100 Steem Giveaway - And a Personal Goal Achieved!

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Communities are Everything!

I'm Super Happy, because some days ago I reached a personal goal.

Since day one (16 moons ago) I wanted to reach level 70 (and beyond), and when you think about the level you realize that it's impossible to grow if you don't work with a Community.

For that reason, I want to share my happiness with all of you and your chosen Community by making a 100 Steem Giveaway.

How to Participate.

  • Choose your favorite Community and explain with a reply to this post (can also be a linked video) why you love your Community so much and what makes it so important for you.
  • The most Upvotes and Comments from bros/members of your community the more chances to win you will have.

How they will be paid?

  • The 100 Steems will be split 50/50.
    50 to you and 50 to the Community you choose.
    They will be sent directly to your Steem Wallet and to the Community Wallet including your name at the Memo.
    The prize can be used in the way you and your Community likes most (If it's a Power Up the Better) and if you want to buy a beer for a toast it will be great too!

Good Luck to all of you!

(and remember that being together is the way to grow!)

Peace V!


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@leotrap very nice initiative sir. I agree on that too and I do believe that without the help of our community, we are nothing but a lost soul in this platform. I am a newbie and I do feel that without the blessing and guidance of a community one will be lost in the desert
The community that I love the most is The city of Neoxian

Why City of Neoxian?

Well, As a newbie I roam around more than hundreds of discord comunities when I first joined steemit. But This community is totally different from others. There are so much to tell about our community but I would like to focus on the major points here.

  • first of all, our community is super duper active... Any time you enter, a bunch of friends are there to welcome you.

  • We actively participate in various programs, just like recently we all together vote steem on netcoin website with a blazing fast speed!

  • In our community, innovative and interesting ideas and chatting upon them are highly appreciated and they are often rewarded by giveaways. Mr. Dragon said that The best and most interesting conversations are about ideas and concepts and we all believe in that.

  • Also for active members there are positions like member < citizen blunt < citizen plus < citizen plus plus < citizen sharp < dragon.

  • Dragons are admins of our group that runs and control the actions. Among members not everyone can be a dragon but acording to Mr. Dragon you need to be amasingly AmAzing to get the position of a dragon...

  • we all here live like a family, I can assure you nowhere you will find this much strong bond among other communities.
    The founder MR. DRAGON is the best of all, he treatsall of his citizens fairly and so many have grown with his help, the city of neoxian is the best ever and I believe it is irreplaceable... (Even I won multiple huge upvotes and today even I won 500 sp delgation!)

So, That is my family.. My community.. And I am inviting all who are interested to join the city of neoxian . Here is our home address (discord link 😉) here!

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Great city, great citizens. Come to the community to learn about Cryptocurrency and econmics. One very Paramount thing about this community of Dragons is, you become wiser and informed everyday. This community is the Eistein of communities. Thanks to community leader, mentor and teacher; @neoxian.

City of neoxian is the best! I could remember when I joined, I had less than 100 sp but my story have changed for the better,

The mighty Mr.dragon have put a smile on many steemians face , he is amazing and a great leader!!

recently he made a post to pump up newbies having problem with resources credit, join the winning team, join the city of neoxian and start giving testimonies of the good things that will happen to you

Hi, if you would like to join the English Premier league contest, Join here - https://steemit.com/giveaway/@jmehta/round-9-round-1-premier-league-predictions

Totally agree with what @mango-juice said above. The City of Neoxian is not only a community but is slowly becoming a family.

Most of the Citizens who joined the city was there for the upvote/money first, but after meeting the whole community one just can't help feel addicted and be a part of it.

It's like what most veterans here on Steem say, they came for the money BUT stayed for the community.

We are probably the realest community in here all because of our leader, Neoxian. :)

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This is one of the best community: well known as the city of Neoxian!
This community was founded early this year by Mr dragon known as @neoxian. He runs a bank on the blockchain; the best of the best banks! Yes you read that right.
As I became desperate to grow on steem - roaming around on discord - through the Help of Ginabot I entered the Gates of this city


  • Mr dragon community has been crucial to my post payout( $4 above)
  • My rep has increased so fast from 49 - 58
  • I have made new friends; amazing friends from different countries.
  • My steemit Network has lots of wings!
  • My Sp has grown from 80 - 315.
  • Mr dragon Sp is in a lot of project(minnowsupportproject, sscommunity, steem-ua): steem-ua has his support, he gave everyone in the community a follow - this increased our steem-ua score and we are benefitting from the curation activities of steem-ua.

The city of neoxian all the way! The best community!


I'm happy everyone enjoys my city.

I was spless when i joined this community, and today i am close to having 90. @neoxian helped me boost my rep and sp through his selfless act of giving. I am proud to say my community is the best..They help minnows and planktons like me, the citizens help each other grow

I couldn't have agreed more to the listed points. The city of Neoxian is undoubtedly one of the best. It has helped me in so many ways, the amazing part is that the founder @neoxian has helped everyone in the city to grow. I remember when I used to earn 0.6 on my post, but ever since I joined this community, my life changed even my blog can testify to this. Joining this city has boosted my payouts, SP, and reputation. What else can I ask for? City of Neoxian is a community where Minnows and Planktons are made Whales. I am happy to be and a proud member.

I've only been an active member of this community for like 3 days now and it's by far the most active and amazing discord community I've ever joined.

Lots of giveaways to members be it in votes and SP delegation to newbies.

I'm still trying to get to know the City better but so far it has been fun interacting with others from around the world.

Thumbs up @neoxian for setting up this city. For me, it's more than Wakanda! (If you've watched black panther movie, you'll definitely understand what I mean) 😉

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Wakanda forever mate!

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Yeah buddy I do agree with your words

I do love this community very much and the improvements that I was able to made by the help of this community is indeed really something I will never forget.

All the suggestions and help that I was able to get from this community is indeed amazing.

I do like all the users in there and No wonder MR DRAGON has always been helping all the citizens over here and I am really glad to be here.

Thanks @neoxian for making this City.

This is one of the best communities so far on Discord.
Mr Dragon is one of the most selfless Witnesses I know on Steemit, not everyone can be as selfless as he is and I am happy to new in the city.

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well done @mango-juice you've been explained each n every bit of neo's city thanks for your kind words for him yup 100% agreed he is a true gem of this platform for us he is our hero in every aspect. to be honest, i don't see myself on steemit without him. it would not be wrong to say that em truly addicted to his community. and 1 more thing i didn't see anybody like him on this platform:) he is one and only:) I've told that I've felt in his community. A lot of love and massive respect for him <3...

@neoxian has been awesome. The community has been a city to be. Am short of words to express the my experience there. Neoxian has been of great help even to the delegation of steempower. As a newbie then i was welcomed to the community and a lot of benefits inhave enjoyed

OMG..... City of Neoxian which I always call with the adjective "Great" (Great City of Neoxian). Great people, awesome bots with the Selflessness person I have ever met in life and on social media too. Some like to call him Neo Sir, others Lord of Dragons but I call him the Great Wall of Neoxian.
Great city of Neoxian ask I call it is what has made me what I am today. I join steemit just 3weeks ago and in my first week, I was like hell on earth till i was introduced to this great city by a friend. I must say within my 2weeks that I have joined this city, I have started to see light in my steemit life.
Who ever thought that a redfish like me would have been even able to create this comment with the RC problems that I faced. Thanks to this community City of Neoxian, my life on steemit is better. @neoxian delegated me 50sp selflessly to help my stay on steemit a better one. With great giveaways that make every soul in the city Jot with happiness. City of neoxian is the only city that doesn't know sleep. Every second, every minute, every hour and every day this city is full of fun and laughter. I really owe my existence on Steem to this great community and the wonderful people in there.

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Ferrate... Thou we have met recently... I really enjoy your company and i like that we have became good friends!

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Am also blessed to have you as a friend..... All thanks to city of neoxian. We are 1 family tho we live far from each other but we make fun like we live in the same house.

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Well done @mango-juice. And his citizens have almost said it all😊.
The City of Neoxian founded by @neoxian who is known as Mr Dragon on the server is sure definitely one of the servers you should be part of. There are rules that are strictly adhered to by the citizens. As much as we have so much fun, we also engage in educative and useful conservations, which is most times required for you to qualify for a giveaway. Now that's one of my favorite givewways.

I've met amazing and selfless givers like @burlarj, @ifeoluwa88, @xawi.. My Baby Dragoness😙 @geke, @ferrate, @jlordc ... The Pope and so much more. I found another family here.

Neo city is an exception community in where every one is blessed ... We all help each other to grow tohether... Also our founder mr. Dragon id very kind and helpful.

No doubt, the city of neoxian is the best, so much fun and a place for steemians to grow

Great city of neoxian, join the winning city and your life will never remain the same

One thing I like about the city of neoxian is that people relate there like one family, always ready to help each other in times of need!!!!

yes mate! all of us are being treated like a close family thwere. there is no 'I' but only 'we'!

Though i am a new member in the community... I was see all are very active there and all time chating channel is active too. Mr. Dragon also help us witj huge givawaybwhich is very helpful. It is really a good community

The best city that have the interest of steemians at heart, one love to the city of neoxian!!!

I support you mango, the city is indeed a great city!

Dragon world Dragon rules


No city like the city of neoxian, the giveaway is yummy and like no other

It is all about fun and great achievement in the city, I have seen so many people with less than 50sp when they join having 300sp , becoming a minnow, the city is just blessed

wonderful community ❤

The City of Neoxian is that one community every steemian will enjoy on discord. I am a team player and i love interacting and having fun with different people from different races,cultures etc and that is just what the city provides. It is a community that provides every one with fair opportunities to win and the very few that really supports and promotea its members. If i was ever given the option to stick on one server only on discord then my choice will be very clear with no doubts. It just becomes more than a community once you become a part of it..
The City of Neoxian is that place...

Yeah true words. I also just got pumped with 50sp. Thanks to City of Neoxian

Wow.. I am happy about u too... U r doing a good job and I wish u will grow fast ..in this platform as well as everywhere else... Just keep posting and commenting! U r getting there buddy!

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Thanks very much for the comment

I agree with your words bro,

It is a very helpful and active community for those who wants to take this.

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The city of neoxian is the best city, I am happy to be a member of the city

  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment

The best of all on discord is the city of neoxian, I love it in there

I love the city very much! thet are so helpful. long live the city!

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the city is no doubt the best digital city in the world... where people from all over the country come together and become friends! this is the best community according to me! high 5 for the city!

I won a steempower delegation from neoxian, I do appreciate him and his city, his city is the best on discord

It is a city that support its citizens, big thanks to the founder Mr. Dragon, he is a rare gem

My Favourite Community.

@steemtuner is my favourite community.
Their mission is to empower all the steemians.

Why @steemtuner is my favourite?

Steem Tuner is providing education facilities on Discord for newbie steemians. We find many steemians who need support to develop their skills. We are arranging live sessions for them. We learn, we meet, we sing, and we do fun. Its all about emotion and love.

@steemtuner not only a good community there all people are as like family member. This commumity not give just upvote or held contest its show people how to good own. and i think its main important matter for work in steemit. Its not for just one country it for all. Thanks for making this community. I like this community so much because of their good Aim..Thanks all..
@steemtuner community not just for one country open for all.


Thank you for sharing. Looks like a very good place for newcomers to learn and have fun at the same time.

@steemtuner is all about learn and grow. Its a place of doing fun. @steemtuner is a place of Local and international community. People just come here share their opinions. People feel free here, specially the local people. Because Sessions are run with local language With a few use of foreign language. People also feel free to share their personal life. This community is really great comparatively others as far as I have seen.. I didn't find people are as cordial and as free as here in @steemtuner. Thank you

Thats true @faiyazmahmud our community deserves to be favourite.

Especially I want to mention name of @steemtuner as favorite here, because we are trying grow together. We want to help each other by whatever we learnt. This way, by communal effort we ensure individual development. The limitations we face lacking of fund.

I want to congratulate @leotrap for such an initiative to help communities. I also deliver my good wishes for him as he reached his milestone.

This type of initiatives helps mini community like @steemtuner to flourish faster & grow bigger.

@steemtuner community opens more doors, gives more facilities along with loving support of a community. We can learn about steemit, we can participate in some contests, we can ask for any help we need about steemit, we can do fun & get entertained in the @steemtuner community.

This community really so lovely all people behave so good. I joined there few months ago.They help people lot.I can say they are best in their own place.This community for all. Thanks for held this contest. At the end I can say @steemtuner bes

@steemtuner is my community, my new family, Steem Tuner goals is to support globally all the steemians not only Bangladheshi this is what makes it different from the others. I am glad to be a part of this Community even i am from Indonesia not Bangladeshi they accepted me warmly and very kindly here. It is great to be here with great and humble people and also to help others. Steem Tuner is seeking a good quality post and here they are help each others and newbies steemian in many ways and help them to grow on steemit.

@steemtuner is a fun community, all of its members are very friendly and help each other and support each other both from exchanging upvote to discussions on the radio that was held every Tuesday night and friday night, on the radio we discuss every problem that occurs in steemit and at the end the session will hold which posting lottery will get an upvote and @steemtuner also has a contest every week.
So... Let's join us in @steemtuner

I have joined this community. They arrange talk show for new users to solve their problems and help them grow their reputation. It's a good initiative and they also arrange some contests.

The main aim is to teach people how to work on steemit. Its worthy for every newcomer steemians to join this community and start progressing.

wonderful community and help lot of people. moderators are so helpful.

@steemtuner is also my favourite steemit community. This community is so active and all admins and moderators are so helpful.

Being a community memeber of @steemtuner , we are really very happy. This community engaging with peoples by their efforts. And they trying to pull undervalued authors . I will surely nominate @steemtuner.
Thanks @leotrap for your great initiative.

Yeah! I agree with all of you. As a newbie user of steemit, I got tremendous help from @steemtuner. Not only they are helping newbie steemians. They also encouraging! There are some contests running by the @steemtuner community. I like this initiative, this is so helpful for newbie steemians like us.

Support is a must in here as you said I will put an eye in @steemtuner too! - Thanks for your reply @faiyazmahmud!

Yeah, sure! You are most welcome to join @steemtuner community.

Hello sir @leotrap! My curious mind wants to know when is the end time for this contest? Maybe it's till this post's payout. Right?

We will be honour, if you join our Steem Tuner discord thanks.

Hi @faiyazmahmud! - seems you don't even saw the video.... it says inside. - Oct 25

Oops! You are right. I didn't see the full video. After reading this post, I was opened the video. But due to my bad connection I couldn't watch till the end. It was my fault.
Thanks for your kind attention. ♥

I m really supporting to this community . They are working very well for non profit and helping new commers on steemit. Community is very firendly . I feel nice to talk here. This community have good number of steemitans. The most nice thing here is every one gets support for his good content. Thanks

Yes, I also like this community @steemtuner is so helful.

A beautiful community very supportive and inclusive that needs to be supported

@steemtuner is the best place to be, all steemians should join this wonderful community that aims to help people without descrimination as to which country you came from. Everyone is welcome in @steemtuner.

Awesome community , ever I found on steemit. Yes here people feel pleasure and all behaves in very friendly and well manner. Here people also get support by daily basis by admin and owner. really that is helpful for many steemitian. I myself gotten support from this community many time. Thanks

yeah..wonderful community !!!

Congratulations to mr @leotrap for your personal Milston.
I'm glad to see that @steemtuner has nominated as a favourite community. Thanks to you @faiyazmahmud. It's true steemtuner are helping steemians globally who needs to get help. I'm happy to be a member of this community.

Steemtuner knows "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations".
Well,This community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter.
I'm a reflection of the community.

Steemtuner knows "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations".

Nice words. N agreed with you. Thanks for your kind attention.

Steemtuner is my favorite community, because it is helping newbies a lot.though they have less sp than other big servers but trying to help all with this server.

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One of the most helpful community i have ever seen.i wish @leotrap will join in this community and check the activities.and this server need this kinds of help a lot

I have joined a lot of community here but the best I got is @steemtuner. its not just a community for me.I mean its like my home.when I started blogging on this wonderful platfrom,I didnt know much about steemit.Then this people hold my hand and took me up.They helped me to understanding how steemit works and still helping me.Not only about steemit also all of my problems where I need help.We helps each other Because we are not only a community, we are a family.
And thank you @leotrap .I love your initiative.Have a good day

Great idea

Communities are very important

Great place for support

@steemtuner,Yes I also suggested a newbies to join here and take the basic education.A month ago i had run a introduction report where i feature those who just join in steemit.And Commented on some post.And always suggested them to join steemtuner.
@faiyazmahmud,is a good man he always try to help new and old people and try to provide update.
So people join @steemtuner soon.

@steemtuner lead us to prepare ourself to build our steemit career & give us opportunity to lead for the future. This is the biggest advantage of being a part of @steemtuner community. I love this community.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

@bdcommunity is an initiative on the STEEM blockchain trying to help all standard authors and share their work and knowledge, to improve their skills. We try to inspire and support them for putting their effort to make quality content. We are also arranging contest among Steemians and rewarding selected quality work.

We won’t support spam commenters, Low-quality contents, Low effort contents and translations of English contents, Political contents, Harassment or rant post, NSFW contents.

We believe an organized and effective communication within the community can determine the success. So we build up the communication on our Discord server. In our Discord server, you just need to pass command for check out your account information, balance, market rate and also you can exchange coin, buy upvote, transfer balance through the registration of bdexchange. On our Discord server we have contest runner bot that enables an individual to run and manage a contest easily and increase engagement. Recently BDCommunity has launched Steem account creation service also.

As we grow, we think of new ways of interacting, helping the community, and each other.



  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I am happy to be part of this amazing family .

I, As a plankton who don't have money to invest on steemit but still want to grow his career in it, have faced many problems to gain exposure in this platform. But I still happily want to be a part of it because of only a handful of community who are supporting my novice work.
@bdcommunity is one of the rare active communuties in steemit that helps newbies to grow in the platform and value their work. They are very friendly and always ready to help each other. They adore and support quality stuffs no matter if it is coming from a plankton or a minnow. I appreciate their nobel work and will encourage all steemians specially newbies to come in our community and become a part of it, hence make our clan even more stronger and wider.
Together we will grow!
Steem on!

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@bdcommunity on Of The most Helpfull community for Bangladeshi user . and @bdcommunity support system also Great. Personally I love @bdcommunity And Also Thank You @ayasha For sharing This .

@bdcommunity is the first steemit discord community in Bangladesh. It started it's journey at 5 month ago.

I was the fourth member of this community. The main goal of our community is to help and support steemians who produce quality contents. We have a special bot which can convert STEEM to SBD and SBD to STEEM. We are helping our members with various facilities so that they can prosper in steem blockchain. We need you and your help so that we can reach our goals.

@bdcommunity is a community which is one of the coolest community in the blockchain. It has lots of features. Bdexchange is one of them where you can exchange steem or sbd at the best rate in a few seconds. Another feature is you can create an account by a simple command with the cheapest rate. It also has others feature. I really grateful for being part of it.

A community usually helps and supports Steemains. @bdcommunity not only helps and supports Steemians, but also supports other community to grow. This community has a curator team who finds out quality posts and supports them. It inspires Steemians to put their effort to make quality content.

Besides that, @bdcommunity arranges contest to engage Steemains and reward them. Recently they have launched Steem account creation service. It is just a beginning. This community has a lot to offer. I'm excited to see what BDCommunity is going to do next to support Steemians and add value to the Steem ecosystem.

@bdcommunity নিয়ে নতুন কিছু বলার নেই, শুধু এতটকুই বলতে চাই এখন যেমন সাপোর্ট পাচ্ছি পরবর্তী সময়েও যেনো এমন সাপোর্ট পায়। Thanks @bdcommunity for supporting us!

Hi @ayasha! I'm hearing so great comments about @bdcommunity... seems they are doing things right!
Cheers for that!

yes! BDCommunity is a sign that always advances in helping each other, members get the support they need! That's because they came and shout out!
And I must thank to you @leotrap for this nice initiative!

Love from Bangladesh!

Cool! Thanks to you and your Community for being part of this!

@bdcommunity is one of the most helpful community i have ever seen.... infact i grow up in this community infact they helped me so much in every point to grow and introduce me in this blockchain... really helpful all members in this community who are working day night without any hesitation.... thank you so much everyone...

@bdcommunity is one of the best steem blockchain to help as far as all classes Steemian. Specially #bdcommunity trying to help steemian to support give all kind of information and to create the best community. If this is a small community but not it work small it is doing all sectors to recovery steemian problem.on the behind, its trying to Build-up one of the best community in the world.keep this job @bdcommunity we are always with you and also with this good job...

Posted using Partiko Android

I can tell it for sure as a new user, @bdcommunity would be the best place for him to guide. Specially Bangladeshi users get lots of support from this community. I have seen in past a lot of Bangladeshi people are getting involved in steemit and they are giving up this platform quickly because of lack of proper guidelines. So it's my recommendation If you are New in steemit then you should join this awesome helping community for getting better experience.

@bdcommunity is the best community for new steemit user from Bangladesh.
They always help new steemit user.
Thanks you @bdcommunity for helping new people like me on steemit.

BDcommunity is an amazing community. I got more than I need, help from this community. I really love this community.

The service of BDexchange is cool. I can exchange my currency very easily by using/commending it.

I also got the help from the moderators of this community. They taught me the basic of Steemit. You guys are really careful about the newbie like me. I recommended this community to my friends who are seeking help. I believe the help I got from here, my friends will get the same.

I suggest to my Bangladeshi fellow to join the server for more help and to improve their skill. I'm really grateful to this community and admin, moderators.

BDCommunity is a great community project. This kind of project is one of the most needed initiatives here on Steemit to encourage others.

@ayasha yes I am also getting big support from @bdcommunity. I love this community.

@bdcommunity is organizing everything that is needed for member To get success in STEEM blockchain. Especially for those new members, this @bdcommunity is very useful for them. Long live @BDCommunity

yeah @BDCommunity helps us in many ways.
their support system is very good.

My favorite site @bdcommunity. I am getting many support from @bdcommunity, I can learn a lot, and hopefully I can learn a lot in the future.

Bd community is one of my favourite community, because the curator of this server give their valuable time in searching good blogs and they curate them.that's why i like this

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Congratulation on your 70 rep, @leotrap. I know how difficult it must have been to get to that height. Trust me, I would have given up or never gotten to the rep I am currently if it weren't the communities that stood by me. I have a favorite though; a community that has the best interest of her members. @airhawk-project

community logo

Growing up as a newbie was extremely difficult. I was like a lost sheep. The way people earn on their post amazed me then. I tried writing similar or better contents but still, I earned nothing! I gave up but @airhawk-project revived me. A moderator there (@samest) actually helped a lot of us. The project was founded by @dreamchasser. Although, it was focused on Nigerians but everybody are welcomed. Just a peep at the discord server will give you a benefit of doubt.

The community gives lectures, curate, trade, organize shows, e.tc. I had a full understanding of how the steemit platform works from the airhawk-project server. The moderators helped in teaching members how to create quality contents, avoid spamming, engage; basically everything a newbie/Steemian needs to know. Their services doesn't stop here, it has a bank where Steemians can save and earn per month. What else are they not offering? Airhawk-project is that community focused at helping Steemians grow. Testimonies from other members might convince you!

Congratulations airhawk for amazing achievement in steem blochchain,I actually do my transactions with you and I find it reliable and most trusted so far

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Grats on your rep 70!
@airhawk-project is one of the oldest nigerian but opened to all community on the steem the blockchain.
They are among my foundation stones that groomed me on this platform during my springtime here.


  • They render fiat services for sbd/steem in Nigeria
  • They host diverse shows on discord(curation show, writing workshops, contest etc)
  • They educate plankton
  • They are very much active on steem on the long run)

They deserve to win this prize!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

@air-hawk if you dont know,you do not know and what you do not know is far much bigger than what you can ever imagine or think. Air-hawk community is the best here on steemit.They have been helping people,they are indeed the best

This is the best community so far...I have learned alot from this community...Best of luck to us

Yes I will attest to the fact that I was also encouraged by this guy's @airhawk-project, they really helped me as a newbie here on steemit and lot more about cryptocurrency as a whole,
Congratulations to your rep 70! @leotrap

Cool to know @airhawk-project is making great things! And thanks for your Greeting :)

Yeah... Airhawk is a great community, they are part of my success story on Steemit. Most leaders groomed us not only on Steemit related topics but on cryptocurrency in general. It really nice having a community that helps it members.

I an attest to the benefits as a newbie which i have obtained from @airhawk-project.. .most especially in upvotes and efficient fiat currency exchange. They do deserve this prize.
Congrats @leotrap on your 70 rep achieved

Yo @bateren... thanks for the answer.
Which one is the Fiat Currency Exchange? Could be great if I can take a look.

Congratulations @leotrap another big win for you. Congrats on your winning ticket to Steemfest.

Thanks @hornblade! I'm so happy because of that. Too much work but at the end seems that pays...
Peace V!

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First and foremost I will like to congratulate you on your 70 reputation @leotrap, it's indeed not an easy task to accomplish and I just gave you a follow

If any community should win this price then it has got to be @airhawk-project. Airhawk project is one community that treats it's members as family, they bring you close to themselves so that they can nurture and guild you in such a way that it becomes so easy for you to do anything..

Airhawk-project all the way 💪💪💪

The community Airhawk is a wonderful community with it ultimate goal to help Steemians. It's nice having them

Congrats on your 70 rep

congrats. Dis community has helped a lot of steemians thus far.... I hope to partake too

Congratulations. Keep it up

@airhawk-project is one of the best community on steemit and i hope to benefit alot from it as a newbie..
Congrats on your rep

Congrats @leaotrap on your 70 rep thank you for the value you have added to the steem ecosystem and for all your patient nurturing and mentorship, getting to this height isn't a child play and most grateful to the @airhawk-project family the world would be a better place, if we had more people like. Thank you for everything. And my pal @afowalex the world still blossom because of people like you

Thanks for showing up! 😊
And thanks for starting this awesome project.

Congratulations on your 70 reputation

Yes. Air-hawk has been of great support to my growth on Steemit and it has one of the best service I've come across.

Wow wow, am so so moved by this milestone wonderful i envy you o bro..

Airhawk-project really is great

Airhawk is my number one steem/Naira market.

From my own perception i think this is the coolest and the best community ever.

Airhawk project is a wonderful community that helps newbies survive in the Steem blockchain.

Am loving this Airhawk project for some months now, and I do get Upvote from them despite not using there tag, a very congratulations goes to @leotrap too.

Reputation well deserved.

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@leotrap, if you are thinking of any community on this platform that needs what you wanna give out, it's definitely @airhawk-project. The way I was taught by them when I first joined the steemit platform was really amazing. I didn't know much then but I began to expand my knowledge on the platform through this selfless community called @airhawk-project. The leader there @samest is a selfless and inspiring leader who always looks out for folks to assist especially the newbies but he still carries everyone along.

I remember when I first misplaced my steemit account, he assisted me in opening a new one and also helped me grow it until it stood very well.

I'm glad I know this community!

Airhawk community, one of a kind. Been of great help to the community in general

Yeah i do agree, airhawk-project is a community I've really enjoyed being part of.

Of a truth! @airhawk-project has been very supportive to Steemians. I am really thrilled about the savings part where you invest and earn monthly. I do salute their transparency and sincerity. Congrats on your Rep @leotrap


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@airhawk-project was the first community i joined on Steemit. They helped me grow in various ways here. I'm still very much grateful to the likes of @samest and @dreamchasser for their frequent guidance, teaching and motivation . Airhawk-project deserves the prize @leotrap.

Congrats on your 70 rep @leotrap
@airhawk-project is one of the best discord server i have ever been, with so much love on that server, have met so many great folks on there, my moment aiming to the top was actualized from #airhawk after several steps i'd taken, Love and care as implied by the motto, also gave me the chance to anchor a show over there. wow, and a great respect to @samest and every other individuals on the server.. Much love

Air-hawk is good to me not always. I just trade there.


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My journey started here. I can remember the way @samest calms newbies down and make sure we didn't miss a step. He is a selfless leader/moderator that took people in to become a big tree on their own. Airhawk project deserves the recognition and support for their support to newbies and the community. Thanks @afolwalex for nominating this great community.

This community has been the bedrock for success for so many newbies on steemit especially myself. I learnt how to make good content, quality and proper markdown posts here.
Airhawk-project is a great home for all!

@afolwalex it's with one mind, one vision we render support for community members in order to support them on steemit and for them to know that we care about there stay on steemit platform.

One Love

This one motivates me.

Firstly, congrats on your rep.

Obviously, Airhawk is a great community that has been an asset to the success of most steemians here.

Kudos Afolwalex

I have heard so much about this project, I mean the airwhawk , and from the testimonies ,they are great. I hope to join

Airhawk is wonderful community and dey help newbies. Congrats on ur 70 rep

Yes indeed, air-hawk is one amazing community. I'm a very good example, I've gained a lot from the community and I can remember getting curated by curating other steemians...

What a very nice description you gave.

Airhawk community has been part of my growth in Steemit and I appreciate them for using their time to empower new and growing members. They deserve this!