Crypto Fever Going to its peak

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Crypto Fever and Steem Upcoming Events

THis screenshot taken from coinmarket cap Which is top visited website to check market price and capital regarding crypto trading.
Top 100 coins have billion of dollars capital Alone bitcoin have right now 150 plus billion dollar capital and about 60% of capital is only Bitcoin is holding.
Right now time is coming That will lead crypto market price to its peak .
Some reason of crypto seasons are December is known for crypto bulls because many westron countries buy Bitcoin for online shopping invest money into bitcoin and This is the right time to enter into dip market.
Last days ago Doge coin pump about 300% and people were surprised to see doge move. Right now upcomming events for steem are.
25 September Hardfork 20
15 January Test Net smt
march main net SMT

These events will help price gain and may be Steem will become future ETH because ICos will able to run their token using steem platform which will engage huge investment into Steem.


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Let's keep the dream alive! Crypto to the moon! Great article.

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Speaking of bitcoin, Did you hear about Kucoin's anniversary? What are your thoughts about it? Kucoin's users, check the link below:
There's a twist about their anniversary. They're giving some btc for their online activities.

Many people think we won't see an ATH this year but I'm just waiting. It will happen.

i for 1 skeptical that we will hit ATH this year. it could delay till next year Q1

Great news @lays, I'm greatly anticipating the arrival of SMTs. I would also like to share a news with you about They are offering zero fees on transactions till 1st of October. Their UI if user-friendly and customizable.