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RE: What Are Your Expectations Out Of Steem?

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I'm not sure I have expectations but my hope is that it will be possible to build an empire here when the tools & UI catch up with a better on-boarding system. I'd love to see greater interest by those vested in curating people they enjoy and think could thrive here. A hefty chunk of borrowed power, maybe an introduction to dApp creators that want them here too in case they have ideas...

Having a potential whale that wants to be verified bite & have to wait maybe a week or more and take a step back in UIs & learn a new way of seeing the world is a tough sell when other communities make it easier & they don't have to take out their wallets.

I wish it was easier to curate people that I think have awesome stories, good hearts & content worth my time. Where maybe we watch their show & we link inspired stories or artwork. The ability to have branding deals on the spot & connect.

To me it's cool as a connection space where artists, programmers, investors & all the multitude of skilled & talented people come together to meet & perhaps get the opportunity to enrich each other's lives with good stuff and I wish the interface was up to par with it's potential. It feels a bit like stepping back in time and trying not to feel held back. I feel like such a jerk saying that since I haven't even gotten drawn in enough to to complete an introduction without falling apart. 😊😂

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