Stopping Mecene bot 😓 😓

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Well I thought I would have funds by now to keep my bot running. But I am low on cash and can't rent enough SP to make difference with my votes. I am quite busy right now so I could not even advance on a website. My only way right now is a game I had in mind around the world cup that could cover the expenses 😅. SO for the time being, no automated vote for #freewrite #gridcoin #fr or @freewritehouse.

I am sure I will be back soon with a way to continue my sponsoring activities. thanks for everything 🙇and See ya!

Bon ben je dois malheureusement annoncer la fin ou la pause à durée indéterminée de mes activités de mécène. Ma bourse se fait vide et j'ai d'autres problèmes à régler. Du coup il n'y aura plus de vote auto sur #freewrite #gridcoin sans parler de #fr que j'avais déjà mis en pause. Ma seule idée actuellement est de publier un jeu autour de la coupe du monde mais le succès n'étant pas garantie, je ne peux rien promettre😅.

Je trouverai bien un moyen de relancer mes activités plus tard. Merci pour tout 🙇. A+


I gave up on the idea of renting delegation early on, when I saw the price. It's fast. It's easy. But it's damn expensive. Better to come up with ways to slowly gain real SP. It takes a lot longer, and it's hard, but it doesn't go away because you couldn't come up with the money. You have the money. And if you set aside some for times like this when steem is crazy low, you can get even more. Good luck with whatever you do in the future.

I knew it was a bad idea if I wanted some ROI but since it was to push more interaction I decided it was worth it. Actually my very first idea involved to make the code and a website to let any steemians to do the same. but I never managed to do it, also because I suck at website development.
Anyway, I will find ways to get back on track somehow. Thanks for commenting!!

Thank you for supporting the Gridcoin community and the upvotes you provided to #gridcoin. See you back soon!

You're welcome. Hopefully I will be back very soon.

comme @zonguin dit, c'est triste. J'ai le même problème avec @steemgridcoin. Surtout avec le prix de Steem qui ne cesse de baisser. Mon "bot" est passé d'un upvote de 0.04 à 0,01 maintenant :(

c'est vrai que la baisse n'arrange pas les choses. On verra comment continuer de supporter les communautés.

thank you for supporting us as a new steemian. I hope this situation is getting better and better. you has done right thing and your kindheart will be a good karma.
warm regard from indonesia

thank you for your kind words. It really motivates to find a way to continue my activities.

Quelle tristesse... Merci à toi pour tout !

Merci!! Je trouverai bien un moyen reprendre tout ça.

C'est bien dommage, l'idée était pourtant bonne. Bonne continuation pour tes activités sur Steem ;-)

Merci. On verra pour la suite ;-)

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