on Reddit, where at least there is moderators who are not motivated quite so much to suppress dissent.

LOL, funniest thing I've read all day.

Fuck man. Sorry to hear this. You should keep posting though. Dont quit.

I'm posting... on reddit.

I just want to let other people know something, also. The bandwidth allocation system on the Steem blockchain allows my account to bomb the chain with 32Mb a day. A botfarmer with 1000 bots can put about 20Mb a day on the chain. It wouldn't take very long to blow the chain up so big that even the great gandalf with his 256Gb xeon server with SSD raid array could not recover in a week once his server inevitably falls over.

I don't use Reddit, so you'll have to stay on here if you want to maintain my interest.

I don't have any interest in maintaining your interest. Nor, in using reddit, where ausbitbank can come along and spread his lies and the company line...

You're taking a fork way too seriously, and too personally.

Of course, they are too.

Well, I'm more interested in working on it than lukewarm support.


Say that to my face and I'll show you fire.

I don't use Reddit and I never will.

You show me a finished project, and I'll join.
Until then, you're just another nobody with a "dream."

Revelation 3

15 I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other. 16 So because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of My mouth!

Just another nobody with a dream.

And worse, you're in a cult.

So you support it, then you don't support it. Stand for something or you'll fall for anything. You are the one looking for a cult leader. You don't believe in yourself.

I like your choice of adjective, byzantine. Other adjectives to describe what they really built here - obtuse: annoyingly insensitive, slow, or difficult to understand, especially deliberately so; & vacuous: having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless.
I think you nailed it on the head here. The deception, lies, lack of answers (and when given, nothing but bread crumbs at that).
Quoting myself from this post should adequately explain why I am feeling the same bout the Steemit Scam and why I am losing interest here while keeping my fingers and toes crossed for #calibrae.

Speaking as a Red Fish:

  1. Any incentive for me to invest is gone due to abuse of power witnessed since joining.
  2. More time is spent researching, investigating, and trying to figure things out than is creating actual content beyond said research and investigation (and for me, I do not draw the attention and collaboration as ones done by accounts such as yourself [well deserved, in most cases]). I really miss those first couple days, when I didn't have a clue (not that I'm any more "clued in" now).
  3. Though a transparent blockchain, it is quite complicated and seems to grow more complex by the day (with little in the way of official answers aside from having to try and dig it up in others' steemit posts). Although all the info is supposedly there, it is not that easy to find or even know where to begin looking.
  4. Nothing, to my knowledge, is being done to address the issue of the few let in early who now dominate the platform (releasing to a few while it was all still on the "down-low"). Despite it's intention(s), it does have the affect of helping newcomers feel as if they own no shoes and are in a race they are forced to wear weights in (while others own brand new running shoes and are given protein bars).
  5. We can not call steemit "a game" without it being expressly stated when signing up. A promise of "authors get paid for their content" is misleading if any defence of it being a game can be justified. It's either a source of a revenue stream ("get paid") or a game ("gamble, for entertainment purposes only").
  6. And let us not forget the sloppiness of the sign up process itself. No guards or protections for minors, now even more extensive wait time for official start ups (or trusting a service with your new password/keys if having an existing member purchase a new account)....
    7).... And on and on (and I could go on, yet stretching into more personal perception and beliefs that would add little to the conversation's main topic).
    The bread crumb answers given so far, though appreciated, do little to strengthen this Red Fish's trust in the platform.

    And good 'ol Ned's 2 answers to the small handful of legitimate questions/concerns.... about as useful as tits on a bull.

    I've only been here less than 2 months, and spotted the hocus-pocus fkry right away. Dare to call any of it out, best be prepared for an attack. In my experience, only the guilty attack when being questioned or criticized (they view criticism as a put down rather than a constructive means of communication for change - HERE IS YOU SIGN!).

I just want to keep this information in comments, and it may well be speculative, but you can see if you look at any user's profile:

Maybe I misunderstand the bandwidth allocation system. I understand that it allows a user to go to an excess beyond this level shown underneath the "Bandwidth Remaining" bar, that berniesanders has 123Mb of available bandwidth, using a 'fractional reserve' system.

I believe this means that it would be possible to launch a flood attack on the Steem blockchain, and make every RPC grind to a halt, ending trading permanently.

Free accounts have about 200kb of bandwidth allocation, and someone with several thousand such accounts under their control could probably put at least 40 if not 400 megabytes of data on the chain in one day.

Available bandwidth means how much the chain lets you dump on it before it starts getting cranky and refusing to accept new transactions. Unless I am mistaken, this means that berniesanders can put 123Mb onto the chain in a 24 hour period, but in practice, probably more like 512Mb

Also, I realised that Delegated Proof of Stake is a misnomer. The chain is permissioned, a variant of a Byzantine Fault Tolerant system that uses users, who socially interact, to vote on who should lead the chain (witness election). It shows how well read Dan Larimer is that he does not know that his chain is not a variant of PAXOS and Raft and PBFT (and distantly, Solidus). Note that no other permissioned distributed database system with fault tolerance in operation uses the block log.

This is another severe weakness in the platform, because if the previous attack I mentioned was performed, the RPC nodes would all go down, probably many of the witnesses would get blocked by a backlog of transaction processing, that stops them creating new blocks, at some point.

I am not saying anyone should do this, I simply worked this out because I was looking very closely at the anti-spam measures on the chain, because I don't intend to launch a fork that has this vulnerability to spammers.

I am putting this information out there because I believe that this is the best solution to the problem of Stinc, but I have got better things to do, like fix the problems, before I find myself the victim of their bad engineering.

I think you're totally correct here, and I also think this is the core problem with free sign-ups!

The whole bandwidth system is predicated on a set-up where the ability to wreck the system (through bandwidth spamming) is proportional to the vested stake. The disincentive (hopefully) keeps the system viable, at least until a wealthy investor decides to burn their money to blow it up.

But unrestricted free accounts (even with only delegated SP) contradict this so fundamentally that I think they are incompatible with a functional system.

I get the feeling this is the crux of the problem connecting bandwidth errors, bots and spam:

Within the model, they can't have both free anonymous accounts and bandwidth control!

Accounts with no SP should have no ability to spam the blockchain , but they give a little bit to each account which fundamentally distorts the formula in the name of pragmatism and short-term growth.

I hope with some careful consideration you can propose a different model that will permit this, but I think it's a very tricky problem to solve elegantly. I look forward to attempting to pull apart any suggestions you have, as that is what's needed ;)

I am simply going to study the activity of real, confirmed human users, and dial down the bandwidth limitation to human range. Then to add power to this, the reputation limits the capability of misbehaving large stake users by subjecting them to limiting caused by muting and flagging. I also have to look closely at the reputation scoring system, because it must be entirely biased towards stake, because otherwise, how is it that my 69.8 reputation account can't even put a 0.1 ding in trolls like Berniesanders?

They didn't assess the threat model fully, assumed a lot of things that cannot be substantiated once you examine it more broadly.

I think that part of their model works ok, as long as sign-ups are either paid for, or not anonymous.

What you're proposing with fixed limits is much less elegant, but quite possibly more practical.

The way I see it, and why I am emphasising collective social judgement as the solution, is because humans are the best at identifying patterns of byzantine behaviour. AI's can do it, but only after being fed a shit-ton of data, but humans have already got a shit-ton of data, about humans, and on a group basis, have the greatest chance of actually identifying, muting and flagging the offenders down so their bandwidth is so severely limited they cannot continue to operate the account, essentially neutering it.

I don't think there is any issue with free accounts at all. They just should not be powerful enough to do harm if gathered in the thousands, and, of course, extremely vulnerable to judgement by their peers. Well, if you can use the term 'peers' so loosely when talking about generally good people versus a scumbag.

Also, I think a simple mechanism that can limit account signup spam is simply binding an IP address to the signup, that cannot be reused for a period of time. It works reasonably well, and the constrained bandwidth of Tor, and the fact that there is a quite constrained number of nodes...

This is also a reason why perhaps referrals could be used, because referrals could create a chain of reputation effects that go back to the root of a tree of signups that appears to be malicious. This can let you close a whole bank of accounts instantly.

By 'byzantine behaviour' do you mean behaviour which encourages social stratification, and reduces social mobility within the network?

Well I think if AI/Machine Learning systems can detect it, there'd be plenty of such data from this experiment!

B's allocation is represented in mb (is this not a measure of speed rather than size? idk, not overly technically inclined beyond programming the clock on a VCR ;) ).
Here's the hammer that got me, represented as 3.6gb.

Thus, despite my lack of knowledge of who's who and what's what and how it all works, I got to see right off the bat what it's all about.
Sure I could buy my way up the food chain, still not worth the risk with these sharks floating around.

It is data size. It is clearly indexed on stake, and it clearly has no kind of reasonable ceiling. The bar represents a time period.

Also, why is anyone afraid of sharks in a virtual world? If they represent a tangible threat, then we have got bigger problems than a bunch of racketeers. No, I'm not afraid to simply point out the salient to people. I have already written off my investment in this platform, and I am glad that I was able to draw something out that let me finally break a cycle of poverty.

Believe me, I would rather be concentrating on improving my content and getting it some attention ~>

~> rather than trying to figure all this stuff out ~>

One is fun, the other like work.

Eh... guess I'm not fooling anyone. If I had the hardware I'd be balls deep in happiness to the point it wouldn't be considered work. Le Sigh.

be lurking round reddit

nice. yes, I was serious when I said i am moving on. I can't help but be wanting to know how people receive the content of this post.

If I am right about the bandwidth issue, we are going to see it happen within a few weeks.

There was whitehat attack on steem chain with someone with a ton of bots and the chain didn't even hiccup. They did find and fix a bug in bandwidth allocation. Still with this sort off chain growth it might have different results.

I just don't see how it makes any sense that people can literally punch out 1440 posts a day per account when the SP goes over about 500. Who can do that, physically? Is this a social network or a weaponised bot network?

I am sorry that you have to leave the platform. I like steemit, the whole way it works with the upvote system the rewards the fun to leave comments e.t.c and i spend a lot of time on it. I have never thought for the things that you mention in your article and i can say that i am very skeptical after reading it.

I am leaving because of technical reasons, in part, and because of the abject lack of any measures to stop spammer/troll accounts like berniesanders.

I will be building the fork with everything in mind that I have observed going wrong, as well as a couple of very serious design flaws that I believe will soon see the steem blockchain shut down by hackers.

I do not know to answer in your specific points but my general view is that if something is not real threat and we can live with it , we can ignore it to allow the system to grow without scaring people with measures, bans and prohibits that may take them away. It is also hard to believe that will not be taken measures against the design flaws or hack attempts when this will be required :)

You speak about 'they' as though they have shown such a consistent track record of ethical behaviour and technical proficiency. You don't remember HF16's month long pool drain? Why is berniesanders still here?

The reason why you can't believe it is because you refuse to look into what I refer to, because you are full of the Kool Aid their propaganda department funds with their stake, earned without any risk to themselves...

I did not mean to argue with you @l0k1, i just wrote my general point of view in similiar situations not only for steemit but for everything. I do not refuse to look in what you refer to and as i already mentioned i am skeptical about it. i have read and a couple of similiar articles on the net that made me think about it. I just like steemit the 2 months i am using it and i wouldn't like this to happen.

Hope can be a very dangerous thing, it's like walking along in the dark in a place you don't know, while fantasising about a beautiful woman who is playing hard to get.

I also love the principle behind this platform as well. It's why I am determined to build a replacement that is engineered properly.

At least you discovered that centralization is more efficient.
Preminers, or not, the founders and creators deserve a lion share of their creation, and this is what their vests are.
It pays tiny bits, and it certainly does not pay off to start a free account from scratch without importing loyal previous outside followers and/or risking/investing in the system by buying into it with cash.
For big outsiders coming in, it provides a decent way to increase both their income and their exposure, and these are good for the system.

It would not have been fare if these little spammers whom invest nothing and in fact ruin the system were rewarded as much as the founders and investors.

Calibrae, if it ever begins to function, would have both big disadvantages and advantages over steemit.

One of your initial claims about calibrae was that it will delete preminers and their big benefactors, and later you removed this stipulation after it was discovered, and it really is not this hard to discover, under Steemit's transparency, that your own accounts should be deleted from calibrae by the spirit of your own claims.
Then you removed this stipulation, and made a good step by deciding on a start from a scratch to all, which may be good.

The nature of such blockchains with info only being added over time with no possibility do delete junk is one of its biggest downfalls.

The vast majority of content in Steemit is junk and spam, and it really is a free platform, in the sense that it has no censorship, and is quite decentralized and anarchistic despite your claims, and these will bring to its demise.

Instead of you, I would have powered down and invested at something else.
Calibrae is atrociously flawed, and I already stated some of its flaws in your first thread about it.
You decided to correct one of those flaws, but added new flaws to it, like coerced automatic upvoting and downvoting in cases of follow and mute respectively.
This is so bad and I tried to explain to you where I first saw it.
I believe a blockchain should have some possibility for a large enough majority of miners/witnesses/shareholders to completely delete entities off the blockchain to free the space they wasted, and to at least temporarily spare the future waste of both bandwidth and space they would have wasted otherwise.
They should also have the possibility of muting (not hiding) without deletion.

How did you manage to open 3 separate accounts in here?
3 different phone numbers?
Or are 3 distinct emails enough?

You could have found those two things out if you weren't more concerned about spamming the chain with ignorant baseless attempts to discredit yourself.

Where did I spam the chain with ignorant baseless attempts to discredit myself?
You used it in plural form, so 2 examples would suffice, but I will be glad to get more than 2 examples for your claim.

You just simply did. But no words can be heard by deaf ears. The ignorant are the most confident in their knowledge.

Someone should call blacklist-a

Founders and creators deserve a lion's share? Perhaps Satoshi Nakamoto should have premined most of bitcoin? Notably, the opposite happened there - Satoshi's bitcoin lies dormant. Steemit's creators deserve something for their efforts but once they succeed at making a popular platform, their creation and the value created by that critical mass of users had better have the capacity to become greater than that of any small clique within it. Otherwise the userbase is on borrowed time while the orchestrators finalise their exit strategy.

Satoshi's bitcoin lies dormant (he never sold any?), and so is most of dan's and ned's STEEM.
The difference is that Bitcoin will rise over time, and STEEM may probably never exceed 1.9$, and IMO is goind to descend.

The difference on Steem is also that high-SP self-voters (and their flocks of sycophants) circle-jerk rewards to themselves. The people at the top of this dung-heap are still going to get (a substantial) something out of this dodgy endeavour even as it all falls down. That's the point of an exit strategy.

There are much fewer accounts than you think that do not deserve their SP: they either premined it (founders), mined it (invested real assets, energy and cash in the system and allow it to work), bought it with their own cash, or earned it (only in this case there may be undeserving exceptions, and still some of these deserve it).
Since STEEM is a shitcoin (unlimited amount) , there has to be interest rate on it, and even then I heard it still does not completely cover the cost of its inflation.

It is very often the case where not the best product is the most used one. I understand your frustration with Steemit, I'm going through one right now. This place is becoming the trash can on the internet, and not to mention how corrupt the voters are, but that's another story.
I really wish you the best of luck with the fork. Just be aware that if you start out with negative attitude, and the thought that you are way better than steemit inc. isn't really going go get you far. It's not only about the code, unfortunately the guys who run this place also lack basic communication skills. I think you both should start from there.
Right now there is no better alternative to steemit, and there isn't going to be a better one anytime soon.

Well, we are gonna do our best. We have now got two C++ coders in the group and I have almost finished my automated build script and we will be ripping out all the trash from the code, as our first step, before we start doing changes and making additions.

I have been badly distracted this last two days sorting out my miners, they have been glitching frequently due to windows updates and other nonsense. I am almost finished and when I am, I will be so glad to finally be getting on the job. I don't think it will be more than a month before alpha and so maybe we can make a Halloween launch.

The negativity has been so hard to deal with. It's not been for nothing, and the reactions have been absurd. I mean, really, people were telling me there was something wrong with me that I was having so much trouble getting an RPC to sync a month ago, and then furion, of all people, let everyone know it takes a minimum 128gb of memory to run an RPC node. Even my NVMe drive and 32gb of DDR4-2400 ram didn't help it replay any faster. The frustrating thing was that I was being smeared like this was fud, when I was just reporting my own experiences. I am not a conniving, malicious kind of person, and I am very communicative, so in that respect, we have got a huge advantage. I just have to extract the poison that these assholes have drummed into my system. I've never been so angry since I was in school, being bullied by both the dregs and the a crowd. It's practically the same thing going on.

On top of the severe health problems I was having.

So there was very good reasons for what happened up to now, and I am now making really good progress to fixing the problems causing it.

Best of luck!

l0k1 call @ned or whoever like bernie call him up, make amends or get things sorted out. Personal is the way to do it. Get something done. Good luck! Peace.

It took me some time, but I got my miners working. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to install windows 7 on anything these days. The miners are working much more reliably now, windows 10 makes so many assumptions about its use by 'consumers'. I am a producer, I can't afford a system that randomly updates every other day and refuses to obey my startup scripts.

No, I have already dirtied my soul enough by being tangled up with people like ned and nextgencrypto. I will be doing what is necessary, and little by little more and more people are putting their hands up to join the project.

I am aiming for a halloween release. Keep your ears to the ground.

Thanks for the update. I've looked at Decent and Scrypto, maybe places to flee and start from the beginning like the whales did here.

I'll stick with my plan - building steem again properly, from their latest (19.1) code. A clean chain, with better rules, especially ones that limit spammers, trolls and scammers, I think we could mow them down like the giant tractor-pulled lawnmowers I saw in Bavaria... :) They were epic:

This is actually smaller than the machine I saw in Bavaria. Shame I didn't snap it as I passed through on the way to steemfest!

Welcome to the future, bitches!


You shoulda seen that lawnmower attachment on that giant tractor I saw. It could slash a whole acre in like 5 minutes, I sat there watching it while eating some delicious apples on a tree next to the road overlooking the field this mower was running on. I can't believe I can't find any pictures of these incredible machines. The tractor was pretty incredible too.

I'd rather extract my own teeth with a pair of pliers than talk to ned again. Bernie, needs a serious wakeup call. With the way he behaves I would not be surprised if some psycho decides they are gonna hunt him down and kill him.

I've been busy this last day writing some really good quality build scripts for Calibrae :) I have implemented atomic procedures that recognise if they have been completed or not and skip what is done, saving me a lot of time. Took quite a bit of time to write them though.


About 450 lines of high grade bash code. I'm really enjoying doing this.

Nice! I like bash too, the GNU tools. Wonderful things you could do only using the command line and shell tools!

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