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Didn't you tell everyone to fuck off a few hours ago?


I wish I could be a fly on the wall the day the steem blockchain dies because it allows 32mb to be added every day by a user with as small a stake as mine. That's a tip, to anyone who wants to do something to shut this place down, by the way. I have already pointed this out to people in the discord, and don't bother trying to come and harass me there, because discord has functional social moderation systems, unlike rocketchat and this idiot platform.

Scalability again?

you read that comment, but you don't bother to note that at the top of your steemd profile info on the left hand side, it says this:

Voting Weight
28,325 SP
30,072 + 1,613 - 3,361 SP
Voting Power

Bandwidth Remaining


633mb of 633mb

I wonder what kind of mouse and keyboard you can push that much data onto the chain with. I'd like it cos typing is so damned slow.

Unless I did my math wrong, I would have to broadcast 146k every 20 seconds to the blockchain in order to use that much bandwidth. I don't think posts can be that big.

So if we assume maximum tx size is 2kb, the longest possible comment, then an accounnt c annot put more than 2.9mb per day on the chain. However, what other methods of flood protection does the system have? If every available RPC is used, and transactions are multiply broadcast across all available RPC's, and they all relay that into the gossip p2p between rpc, seed and witness nodes, what is going to stop the servers from being overwhelmed?

I think nothing. I think, if someone wants to take down this network, script kiddy level skills are all that's required. Besides that, once the nodes are being flooded, what other vulnerabilities are going to open?

The design assumes no adversaries at all. This seems like a pretty dumb assumption with all the astroturfing that goes on, and the trolling against anyone who raises a valid concern.

It appears to me you moved the goalpost.

Happy 1year steemit day☺☺☺

And didn't you write that you will not use this account for posting anymore?


One needs a place to vent about this place. Just a tip, by the way, my 1200 SP account has a bandwidth allocation of 32 MEGABYTES per day. I'd rather not do this work myself, because I have better things to do, as Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead. But I doubt it would be that hard to pump data on the chain faster than Stinc can make a resolution to a sustained attack like this. Even a beginner account can push 200kb per day on the chain, and a botfarmer with 1000 can put 200 megabytes extra on the chain.

What do you think will happen if someone takes my suggestion and starts doing this?

I am not gonna personally do it because I think that would be mean to all the little people here who are not part of the Committee. But if someone picks up my idea and runs with it, it's not gonna be my fault. The system is designed to allow spammers. It needs to be taken down, for the sake of the future. I see the corruption grow like a tumor in this place and it makes me sick that nobody can do anything about it except as I suggest. Blow it up.

Happy Steemit birthday!

Happy steemit B-day)

ahah feeling old around here. Already a year on Steemit!