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RE: The Dark Side of Steemit - Users with Negative Reputation

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Wow.. I didn't know there are people like these here on Steemit. I'm quite new so I didn't encountered yet, but I'm sure to watch out. This post is very informative, thank you @distress2success - great help for the newbies like me 😊


Thank's to the team of bots they keep things in order, now they are not as common as they used to be. I hope you benefit from this post :D.

Same as with other social media platforms, including and especially Facebook.
But it's good that Steemit has this flagging. It's rather early days and Steemit (plus dtube) create hope of a better deal for people who create content. Better to set these reasonable ground rules from early on. There will always be jerks and similar on the internet. But push them to go elsewhere.

Yeah. Facebook is polluted and I see Steemit as a clean community.

Exactly, that's why YouTube is having a huge backlash from ad sponsors, they are pulling out because of inapropriate content so now the guidelines are changing for them too.